Holiday Road

Why aren’t we flying? Because getting there is half the fun. You know that.

A perfect line to steal from Clark W. Griswold, but that was the attitude we took as our family of four hopped in the car for our own vacation and headed North for the 20 hour drive to “The Bumpy Road House”.

20140627_130237While I was excited for the vacation, I was dreading the drive especially since we had decided to power through without stopping. This gets tricky because if you do this and then decide in the early morning hours that you need to stop and sleep, you could be faced with two kids who are no longer sleeping. Continue reading

A Father’s Day


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2014-06-15 16.23.58It probably goes without saying that this Father’s Day was a little more enjoyable than last year. Although I was not able to celebrate with my dad, I was at home with Jenn, Nolin & Grace and not in the waiting room of the ICU. That is always a plus.

I guess it started a day early with the return of Pap-Pap. The kids were excited, and poor Grace woke up from a nap in the car to see Pap-Pap sitting next to her, and wasn’t sure what to think, but her wide eyes confirmed she was (as she would say) “Happy”. Continue reading



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Nolin James O'BrienDear Nolin,

As I write this, you are sleeping on what will be your last night as a three-year old. While by traditional standards, this is not a major milestone (like your last night before graduation or getting married), it is a distinct reminder of how quickly time is passing. Continue reading

Bend it Like Beckham


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20140201_093814When your kids are really little you drive by the fields watching kids run around enjoying themselves playing some sport. It doesn’t matter the sport…soccer, baseball, etc. it is a moment that you look forward to experiencing with your child.

Let’s face it, I was never a stellar athlete. I did make the 12-year-old little league all-stars (we didn’t make it very far). I also was an All-District Tight End in high school (I think they just needed a representative from our school…our team was not that great). Needless to say, I often wondered if I would be up to task to bestow some amazing athletic prowess upon my children.

Enter the three-year-old soccer league. Continue reading


Islands In The Sun


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J&PBeachMuch like Jenn pulled a fast one on me with her Girl’s Weekend, we pulled a fast one on Gammy & Pap-Pap. We were officially taking our first vacation sans little people in 4 years.

I have to give it to her, Jenn is good, she pulled two vacations in one month. For me I was just excited. Work has been so crazy and I couldn’t wait to get away for a few days even if the trip would start at 5:30am. Continue reading


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