Dancing Queen


IMG_20150517_115603Several months ago, Jenn came home and said I want to sign Grace up for a 2 year-old dance class at a local community center. It sounded like a decent idea and we were sure Grace would love it.

I realized then, that we are just starting to enter the era that is filled with the onslaught of kids activities and events. Continue reading



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1,825 days of new adventures, some sleepless nights, but ultimately unforgettable life changing moments.

We celebrated Nolin’s 5th birthday a few days early. After acquiring some points from work travel, we stayed at a the Hilton near Disney on Sunday and then spent the following Monday using our last Disney pass from my parent’s Christmas present.

On Sunday, we spent over 7 hours straight at the pool which included: Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day


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First came love, then came marriage…and then all hell broke loose.

That was the Mother’s Day card I got Jenn and one that seemed very fitting. Our lives are drastically different today then they were five years ago as this entire journey was getting ready to begin. Continue reading

The Marathon(s)


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3:27:05 / 9119 / 1933 / 1561 / 7:53

No, it’s not the mysterious numbers from a new Lost spinoff. This is Jenn’s Boston Marathon Finish Time, Overall Rank, Overall Female Rank, Division Rank and pace per mile. She paced almost 30 seconds per mile faster than her qualifying time and had a PR of over 10 minutes.

Not to take anything away from this amazing accomplishment, but I kind of had a marathon of my own going at the same time. Before we get into our marathons, I’ll treat you all to the DVR version of the blog so that you can catch up on everything you missed between my last post in 90 seconds. Continue reading



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At the beginning of last week, I received an email from Jenn “Want this for your birthday?” with a link to an 8 person tent.

The funny thing is my birthday is still several weeks away, and not that we ever do anything big for our birthdays, but a tent was not really what had been running through my mind when I went to bed at night.

This meant one thing, we were finally making good on a promise that we had made Nolin and Grace, that one day we would go camping and it would be fun. When really the only thing that we should have been promising is that one day we would go camping and in my mind that one day was still like three to four years away. Continue reading


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