Halloween 4: The Curse of the Owl Dragon


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Halloween 4: Curse of The Dragon Owl from Our Modern Family on Vimeo.

Halloween seemed to creep up quickly this year. The kids are both getting to the age that they are really excited about it which makes the evening that much more fun.

This year, Ba & Pop really wanted to get the kids costumes. Although we originally wanted to let the kids pick their own costumes, we vetoed that decision after the decisions kept changing every minute. We figured we would surprise them when the costumes arrived. Continue reading

Four Weekends and A Birthday (Pt.1)


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Beach4So I have never seen the movie Four Weddings and A Funeral, and I can honestly say that none of these events were as life changing as any one of those events, but I am hoping that this format can bring us up to speed on our recent family adventures. Continue reading

The Lock Out Situation



GraceDon’t let this pretty face or her kind thank you’s, pleases and I’m sorrys fool you. Behind this sweet exterior is a very smart and cunning child. We will get to that in a minute.

It was one week ago today, that I was at work on a conference call, and my cell phone rang. It was Pap-Pap. I immediately hit ignore (sorry Pap-Pap). Not because I did not want to speak with him, but I was at work, and a lot of times he is typically just looking for Jenn. Continue reading

Life Is Better With You



PoolToday our little girl turns two and it can only leave me to wonder where the time has gone.

Grace, this year has been filled with so many exciting experiences as you have developed one of the kindest most endearing and funny personalities I have ever been lucky enough to be around.

We are so lucky to have two kids who adore each other (most of the time), are best friends (most of the time) and look out for each other (well sometimes it just to make sure you don’t get run over).

Jenn and I always say that we wish we could just freeze this moment in time and keep you forever young, but we can’t wait to see what the next year brings…

Grace Fion…Life is better with you!




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