The Most Magical Place on Earth


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2015-01-26 11.53.18 2 For Christmas, my parents gave us four-day passes to Disney, the most magical place on earth…or every parent’s worst nightmare.

When Jenn and I first moved down here, we bought season passes and would go often for a few hours. We always laughed at parents pulling their kids around the park trying their best to keep it together while making magical memories with their kids who were either sleeping, crying or screaming. Continue reading

The Weekend Adventures of Bonnie & Clyde


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A couple weeks ago Jenn and Nolin took a quick trip up north to visit family and for Nolin to see snow. Grace and I on the other hand, got to hang out at home and discover what type of trouble we could get ourselves into.

It started out with Jenn pointing out various containers of fruits and vegetables and explaining to me that when we go somewhere, I should bring a certain amount of this and some of that and make sure that I don’t forget to bring something to drink.

Hmmmm, I must have missed that class. So you are supposed to feed kids? Continue reading

The Holiday Wrap Up (pt. 1)


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2015-01-07 04.49.15 1
12 hours up, 15 and a half hours back. Two kids very tolerant of Christmas car rides. 3 cold rainy days with much to be desired behavior and 3 days of great weather and the picture perfect family. A nice time with family, getting a chance to see how much my niece has grown and an awesome Christmas. Finishing up with a much unexpected New Years Eve celebration.

That was for Jenn, who says my stories are “very detailed”, so I wrapped up the holidays in 64¬†words. Now for my version… Continue reading

Sick Santa

Processed with VSCOcamAs we get ready to enter the fun and chaos that is Christmas, Nolin has been sick. My biggest hope is that today is the day that he wakes up and feels 100% better and that no one else catches it. If not it could be a long drive to Ba & Pop’s house.

This year Nolin wrote his first letter to Santa. It is kind of cool because although he loves the idea of Christmas, Santa and presents, he isn’t at the stage where he is focused in on any particular toys. This may be the last year for that. Continue reading


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