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It’s Midnight Somewhere…

To further perpetuate the fact that even with all good intentions, work and raising a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old make it a little more difficult to stay current with the blog…so now we are officially just over one month late (an no…that does not mean that Nolin & Grace may be getting a sibling in 9 months).

Again, this year we stayed in town for Christmas and it was nice to be able to relax a bit and spend some more family time. I took one day off from work in between Christmas and New Years which made an already short & quiet work week even better. We made sure we packed as much as we could into that time off. Continue reading “It’s Midnight Somewhere…”

The 10 Christmas Lessons

20151224_222021We did not head up North this year for Christmas, so it was a bit different wearing shorts and short sleeves (not that it was much cooler up North…thanks El Nino)!

This year would bring on a whole new set of lessons (aka challenges) as Santa would be visiting our house this year instead of traveling with us…not to mention both of the kids are into the Christmas magic now. Continue reading “The 10 Christmas Lessons”

Enjoying the Moment

DSC_3119 Ahhh, the annual right of passage as a family…the infamous Christmas Card picture.

Each year we try to get the kids together and capture some “magical” moment that will make for the perfect culmination of the year, a personal moment to look back at years down the line and smile, and an image(s) that will sum up our family adventures for family and friends in a few (significantly less than I have ever been able to do on my blog) words. Continue reading “Enjoying the Moment”

Thanksgiving Road Trip

2015-11-23 09.34.49 1This year we changed it up a bit, we drove to Virginia for Thanksgiving and will spend Christmas at home. It is always difficult to mentally prepare yourself for a 28 hour (round trip) road trip with two kids.

So I chose the logical solution to get ready…remodel the house the weekend before you leave. Seems like a good solution right?! Continue reading “Thanksgiving Road Trip”

Halloween 6

2015-10-29 08.11.01 1Halloween should be on a Saturday every year to make it easier for parents who work. Let’s be honest, there is a high degree of chaos that leads up to the actual event of trick-or-treating and the subsequent CIA style operation required to hide the candy after the kids fall asleep.  This is all a lot to handle when you are rushing home after a day of work. Continue reading “Halloween 6”

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