The Life and Times of POB

So today I walked into the house after an incredibly long stressful week at work excited to see Jenn and Nolin and just kick my feet up. Had my life been a 50’s sitcom the situation would have looked something like this:

“Hey Honey, I’m home” I’d take off my suit jacket as Jenn ran over to greet me with a kiss on the cheek and kick one leg up in the air behind her at the same time the buzzer on the stove rang as the pot roast just finished.  I’d pick Nolin up in my arms and he’d give me a wink and a smile and we’d all laugh…queue the studio applause.

But my life is not a 50’s sitcom and I am not Ward Cleaver.  So my Friday night went something more like this:

“Hey I’m home”…Pancake comes over jumps on my leg and starts barking incessantly as I try to set my things down.  This was his way of telling me, don’t get too comfortable because I have to go to the bathroom pronto.  Jenn doesn’t greet me with a kiss, but rather the proclamation “I need to take a shower…Do you know I haven’t showered since Wednesday and I haven’t changed my shirt even though Nolin has thrown up on it several times today! That’s when the background music stopped and there was a scratch in the record…I took a slight pause as I tried to take in all the bohemian sexiness that instantly took over my Friday evening…Noticing the look on my face of slight amusement, slight I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit all mixed with my desire to high-five her cause I knew exactly where she was coming from, Jenn explained, “That’s what happens when you’re a mom!”

I guess I couldn’t really disagree nor could I say that I was all that surprised.  A lot of things have changed over the past 10 weeks but I wouldn’t say stress level has been one of them.  Maybe it is a feeling that things are more complete now or maybe it is a lack of sleep, but I have to admit amidst all of the chaos I kind of like being me right now and not a 50’s sitcom.

On a side note, Jenn is going to kill me when she reads this story…queue the studio applause…

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