Wait Wait…Please Help Me!

IMG_20130509_124428Unlike the successful quiz program, today may go down as one of the biggest fails in parenting history…

When you look at these two kids, it would be hard to argue that they are not both little angels (and indeed they are), but am I jumping the parental shark by attempting a solo travel adventure?


As you are reading this, I am en route to an early morning flight with two children. Grace has never flown before. Nolin is beyond excited to get back on a plane, but he is also 1000 times more active now then the last time we flew with him.

PicsPlay_1368233204508On that trip the odds for a successful flight were good (13:1): 2 parents, 4 hands, 6 books and 1 iPad to 1 child.

This time we are looking at better odds for a non successful flight (8:1): 2 children, 4 hands, 2 loud voices to 1 over ambitious parent.

This could go really well or really bad…stay tuned to find out if we make it to see Ba, Pop, Aunt Elo & Uncle Hap or if TSA ends up diverting our plane to another airport and we make national news.



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