According to folklore (and one of my new favorite shows American Horror Story) the last day of October is the day that the dead walk the Earth.  The belief was that if people wore masks and looked scary enough, they would scare off the spirits.

Now fast forward to 2011…

It was a simple trip to Sam’s Club (one of Teresa and Nolin’s favorite hangouts),  where Nolin discovered the costume that would eventually help him keep the evil spirits at bay.  Yes, apparently the evil spirits would be terrified by Nolin…the scary frog.

It really is no secret that Nolin is a big fan of animals.  This was evident as Jenn recounted the scene where he discovered this year’s costume.  Once he saw the costume, he began hugging the suit as they made their way through the store and he excitedly kept repeating Frog, Frog.

Now that we had a costume, I was getting very excited about Halloween.  It didn’t hurt that we also discovered last year a whole other world of Trick-or-Treating taking place just one street over by Jenn’s parent’s house.  In preparation for the night, we had decorations for the trunk of our car (aka the candy distribution center) and about 8 huge bags of candy (this would be a far cry from the 12-15 trick-or-treaters we typically received).  It reminded me of what Halloween was like when I was a kid. Continue reading “Halloween 2 – The Frog”