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New Year

New Years this year had a whole new look for our family. Since we did not make it to Virginia to see my family this year over the holidays, Nolin & I took a flight to Virginia and Grace & Jenn partied at home.

We held off on telling Nolin that he was going to Virginia until the day before. Mostly because we didn’t want Grace to be upset that she was not going. The night before when I told Nolin what we were doing, he was super excited. Continue reading “New Year”

So This (Was) Christmas…

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I think that this post can count as a Throwback Thursday post…I wrote it a long time ago, but things have just been so busy that I have never posted it…that will probably be the theme for the next few weeks, as I try to catch up…because every day, life just seems to be getting more fun & interesting.

This was the year. The year that both kids started to fully understand and get excited for Christmas. The year that both kids were expecting Santa to bring them the exact toys they wanted. Continue reading “So This (Was) Christmas…”

Man Date

As you get older, there is rite of passage that I feel most parents have to go through. That moment when your kids’ friends’ parents start becoming your friends.

By default, Jenn is the one who volunteers in the kids’ school and drops and picks them up, so she has naturally become friends with the other parents. I usually just tag along for the good looks (ok, I just tag along).

Anyway, last weekend Jenn and her friend decided to change that. Continue reading “Man Date”

Halloween 7: The Tale of The Dragon, The Bee & The Park Ranger

Halloween is always one of our favorite times of the year. Having it fall on a Monday night, maybe not quite as much. Now instead of being able to focus all of our kids attention on going out and collecting candy for me (because someone has to keep their teeth from rotting out), we had to balance gymnastics practice, Trick-or-Treating and a regular bed time.

At the end of the day I think we nailed it. Continue reading “Halloween 7: The Tale of The Dragon, The Bee & The Park Ranger”

Is This The Real Life?

As a parent, I am beginning to see the lasting impact you can have on your children’s lives. Good or Bad.

Try as I may, I am not sure Jenn (or I) will forgive me for what I have now done to our kids… Continue reading “Is This The Real Life?”

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