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Man Date

As you get older, there is rite of passage that I feel most parents have to go through. That moment when your kids’ friends’ parents start becoming your friends.

By default, Jenn is the one who volunteers in the kids’ school and drops and picks them up, so she has naturally become friends with the other parents. I usually just tag along for the good looks (ok, I just tag along).

Anyway, last weekend Jenn and her friend decided to change that. Continue reading “Man Date”

Halloween 7: The Tale of The Dragon, The Bee & The Park Ranger

Halloween is always one of our favorite times of the year. Having it fall on a Monday night, maybe not quite as much. Now instead of being able to focus all of our kids attention on going out and collecting candy for me (because someone has to keep their teeth from rotting out), we had to balance gymnastics practice, Trick-or-Treating and a regular bed time.

At the end of the day I think we nailed it. Continue reading “Halloween 7: The Tale of The Dragon, The Bee & The Park Ranger”

Is This The Real Life?

As a parent, I am beginning to see the lasting impact you can have on your children’s lives. Good or Bad.

Try as I may, I am not sure Jenn (or I) will forgive me for what I have now done to our kids… Continue reading “Is This The Real Life?”

Dragons (and dogs) Love Tacos

One of Nolin’s all time favorite books is Dragon’s Love Tacos. One of Nolin’s other all time favorite things are dogs.

So when he had the chance to read Dragon’s Love Tacos to a dog at the library, he was more than just a little excited. Continue reading “Dragons (and dogs) Love Tacos”

Can’t Stop The Feeling

4 years ago today, a very special little lady entered the world. We are so lucky that God found us you Grace.

For a four-year old, you are strong, confident and wise beyond your years and I can only imagine what the next year(s) will have in store for us, but I am so excited to experience them all along side you.

Please don’t ever lose your big smile, huge heart and love for life. May this year be the best yet! We love you Gracie O and hope you have the most wonderful birthday!

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