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Mmmmm…I’ll Take The Food Du Jour Please!

Nolin continues to grow and food continues to be one of his most favorite things.  I am not sure which is more interesting, the foods that Nolin is attracted to, or the concoctions that Jenn is coming up with.

Fruit and vegetables seem to be the go to staple.  We are getting nervous because we are slowly running out of our 22 lb. blueberry reserve.  I am afraid to imagine how Nolin will react to a day without endless blueberries. It could play out like a scene from 28 Days Later. Continue reading “Mmmmm…I’ll Take The Food Du Jour Please!”

The Wedding Weekend

Nolin is racking up some serious frequent flyer miles these days.  This past weekend we flew to Northern Virginia for my friend Dave’s wedding.  We couldn’t be luckier that he enjoys flying as much as he does (although I will admit the I have grown much more sympathetic to parents who have a screaming child on a plane), but in his previous flights he hasn’t been nearly as mobile as he is now.

So while there was no screaming or crying, there was a little growling and shrieking and a lot of crawling between both Jenn & I’s laps.  Luckily the couple beside us decided they did not want to sit beside a child prior to us even taking off.  I say luckily because I don’t think I would have wanted to sit by them, plus they just opened a free row for us to expand our flight time fun.  Our gain, their loss…it was pretty fantastic.

We got to Northern Virginia for a precisely orchestrated weekend of chaos and fun.  We stayed with Nolin’s Aunt ELO on Thursday night…who admittedly had a bachelorette pad that was not kid proof.  Nolin thought it would be fun to play with toilet brushes, books, bells and anything else he could get his hands on.  Thankfully nothing broke, it was just more of game of Baby Tag.  Every once in a while, we would throw him on Erin’s lovesac which he loved (no pun intended) and gave Jenn & I a chance to breathe for a second.

Friday morning we left early to pick up my sweet Thrifty car rental ($25…cheaper than a cab), to visit Erin’s office and to visit our friends the Davis’ and the McCrea’s.  Their children were 8.5 months and 17 months respectively.  Since I typically miss library time, it was awesome to watch Nolin interacting with kids around his age.  It was also a chance for him to try out some new toys, although he seemed more interested in playing with the toys he already had.

Finally we made our way to the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner while Nolin hung out with his Aunt ELO.  Did I mention that she hasn’t spent a lot of time with small children?

Jenn got everything laid out, Nolin’s clothes, diapers, wipes, food and some toys. Erin listened carefully to all the instructions, don’t worry I told her, he’ll be fine.  Erin decided to take Nolin to a restaurant across the street so that he could sit in a high chair while she fed him.  When she got there, she realized she didn’t have the rice cereal container Jenn had told her about.  Problem is Jenn had already added the rice cereal which Erin didn’t realize.  Not wanting to mess up, Erin came back dumped it all in his food and for some reason Nolin wouldn’t eat it.

It may or may not have had anything to do with the fact that she added a weekend’s worth of rice cereal to one organic puree meal…unfortuntatley it was a little on the dry side, and not nearly as appetizing as most baby foods.  She pulled through though and made Nolin a bottle and he wasn’t at all disappointed.

After a late evening on dad’s part, we all woke up and got ready for the wedding.  The wedding was great and it turned out nicely that my aunt, uncle and cousins were actually up in Northern Virgina for the day, so Erin, Nolin and my cousin Lisa got to hang out with them while we were at the wedding.

That evening we met up briefly with everyone at a post reception party in which all of our friends (and even a few people from the wedding we just met) were so excited to meet Nolin and hear his story. I couldn’t have been a more proud father.  Afterwards, we spent the night at my cousin Lisa’s house (also not exactly child proof, but again we managed not to break anything of hers).

We learned one more lesson on this trip, 10am is a great time to fly.  Although it was a little early, Nolin slept almost the entire flight in my arms.  I was also able to catch a few minutes of shut eye and we were all glad to get home and sleep in our beds.  Well actually at about 2:30am we all ended up sleeping in the same bed…gotta love teething.

Baby vs. Food

Sunday night we got Nolin bundled up (yes in Florida it has started to get cold), and went to the Boys Town Christmas Party.  It was neat to see the kids dressed up and in a setting outside of our weekly run.  They had cleaned up their houses and decorated them and you could tell how proud they were to talk about the program and give tours of their homes.  They were also all very excited to see Nolin again, who has not been joining us lately on our weekly runs.

As we toured the houses and talked to the kids, you got the feeling that although they would all have difficult roads ahead of them, there is still hope because these are good kids.

Boys Town even had one of Santa’s helpers fill in and talk to the kids.  Nolin seemed pretty excited when he came into the house we were visiting.  With feet kicking and arms flailing, we handed Nolin over to Santa for a quick photo op.  It was a relief to know that when he meets the real Santa on the 24th, he won’t spend the time screaming (hopefully).

We left the party and headed back home to get Nolin ready for bed and so that I could pack for my upcoming work trip.  Jenn took Pancake for a walk and Nolin and I proceeded to our bath time and dinner ritual.  After his bath was over, it was time to eat, something that Nolin thoroughly enjoys.

As he gets used to foods he really gets into dinner time.  Sunday night was a dish I like to call Sweet Potato Di Jour (sweet potatoes, oatmeal and formula).  Nolin couldn’t get enough. Every time I started in with more food, his eyes would light up. He would pull the spoon back to his mouth as I would take it away. If I wasn’t fast enough with more food, he would pretend to eat his high chair and then start laughing.

Nolin was putting on a show.

And for the grand finale, Nolin began to growl like a monster, grabbed his bib with one hand and ripped it off from around his neck.  Whoa incredible hulk baby, I guess that means you’re done?!

Nolin instantly began to laugh and then turned his eyes back to the empty food jar.  He had a proud look on his face as if he had just conquered Mt. Everest.

We spent a little more time upstairs playing before he went to bed.  I brought out the guitar and sang a few songs to Nolin, who sat more attentive then anyone I have ever played for.  When I stopped, he rolled (no he had not started crawling yet, that happened on Monday when I left on my work trip) over to the guitar and started trying to play himself.  It went well until he tried to grab a handful of strings and pull them to him…yep time for bed.

I took extra time putting Nolin to bed as I wanted to savor every minute before I left for a four night work trip.  I finally said goodnight and started packing for my trip.  I guess Nolin wanted to get the most out of his time with me, because he woke up several times before we finally brought him to bed with us.  Yes I know that goes against all of the parenting books, but I figured it was just one night…

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