Mmmmm…I’ll Take The Food Du Jour Please!

Nolin continues to grow and food continues to be one of his most favorite things.  I am not sure which is more interesting, the foods that Nolin is attracted to, or the concoctions that Jenn is coming up with.

Fruit and vegetables seem to be the go to staple.  We are getting nervous because we are slowly running out of our 22 lb. blueberry reserve.  I am afraid to imagine how Nolin will react to a day without endless blueberries. It could play out like a scene from 28 Days Later.

In fact sometimes when we are trying to get Nolin to finish those last few bites of dinner (when he would really rather be running around), all you have to do is stick a blueberry on top and you once again have his interest.

Jenn has even learned a new trick (on account of having to ration our blueberry supply) where she will get ready to feed Nolin a blueberry and just as he is about to close his mouth the blueberry disappears and he is treated to whatever the meal du jour may be.  Funny thing is most kids would freak when they found out that they had been duped…Nolin just continues to eat away.

Among her tricks, Jenn has also found a way to combine all four food groups into one bite.  With some of her classics like Kiwi Avocado Chicken Breast & Tomato Sauce Pasta flavored with yogurt, hard-boiled egg and blueberry it is baffling that Gerber is not already banging down our door for her secret recipe.  It is also a wonder that Nolin can even look at food because my stomach sure has a hard time as he eats every bite with enjoyment.

At this point, I am not sure exactly where he is hiding all of this gourmet deliciousness because he is a lean mean fighting machine. Sometimes it seems like he eats almost as much as Jenn but it appears to be pushing him up instead of out (like his father).

I guess Jenn knows what she is doing with her fancy meals because Nolin is healthy, as happy as can be and is literally growing up before our eyes.  Honestly I feel like you can actually see him getting bigger each day.  We have noticed a change even since we arrived home from Europe. We were excited to learn at his 15 month appointment, he is now in the 50th percentile for height…I guess it’s true, he’s movin’ on up!

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