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One Love

And just like that things change…

For those who don’t know on June 16th, Jenn and I found that there was a birth mother who wanted to meet with us. On July 9th, our 7th anniversary, we found out that we had matched and Nolin would have a little sister. Continue reading “One Love”

The Christmas Card Adventures

Ahhh the holiday season…the perfect chance to spend time with your family, reflect on the year that has past and a new year that is beginning.  It’s also a chance to make sure that everyone you know gets the perfect Christmas card portraying your happy family.

This year, we made a very critical mistake in the world of Christmas Card etiquette…we didn’t order enough, and we didn’t realize that we didn’t order enough (you know we were only short by 40 cards) until we went WWE over the last remaining card. Continue reading “The Christmas Card Adventures”

Two Weeks Equals Two Years

Apparently two weeks in baby years is about the equivalent to at least two adult years.  Nolin came home on Saturday and I couldn’t believe my eyes.  He is not the same baby that I sent up to Pennsylvania after Christmas.  He is now officially a little boy.  As surprised as I was by his transformation, I can’t imagine what my parents thought upon seeing him after two months.

The first thing Jenn noticed when she met Teresa at the baggage claim was the bottom tooth that had come in (upon closer examination it appears the two bottom teeth are coming in).  The first thing I noticed as he made his way to the car was he looked so grown up.  He seemed taller, skinnier (I think they put him to work while he was visiting) and he had a lot more hair than when I last saw him.  Thankfully one thing hadn’t changed, he still seemed as happy as ever.

Once we got home is when I really noticed the changes.  He was now pushing himself up off of his stomach to sit down and had begun crawling on all fours.  He had even started pulling himself up on things to try to stand up (tonight he finally did it).

We came to find out that Teresa did not want to tell us about these milestones because she didn’t want us to feel we were missing out.  I have to thank her for this because I was still able to experience these firsts for myself.  It was great to experience that second of shock, excitement and the realization that things just got interesting all in the same moment.

It has been so great to have Nolin back home and get to catch up on lost time.  Sunday night Nolin and I had our first father/son jam session.  I pulled out my guitar and started singing Bob Marley’s Redemption Song (one of Nolin’s favorites).  He still stopped what he was doing and just watched me, but this time he started singing back to me.  He came in right on cue each time

Wont you help to sing…ba ba ba
These songs of freedom…ba ba ba
Cause all I ever had…ba ba ba
Redemption Songs.

Every time I started over he started singing at the same spot.   It was awesome!

If two weeks truly is two years, than I suspect we’ll have our first show right around the time he turns 8 months, and like any true front man, I am sure he will steal the show.

Chapter Two Epilogue:
In another sign that Nolin really is growing up…It seems that today at story time the public library offered a dramatic interpretation of Courtney Cox’s hit show Cougar Town.  While waiting for story time to begin, Nolin got his first kiss from a nine month old girl.  She just crawled on over and planted one on him…here we go.

Nolin Supervising Uncle Rich's Work Crew

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