One Love

And just like that things change…

For those who don’t know on June 16th, Jenn and I found that there was a birth mother who wanted to meet with us. On July 9th, our 7th anniversary, we found out that we had matched and Nolin would have a little sister.

On July 17th, she was born. On July 19th, shortly before we were to leave and bring her home, we would learn that the birth mother had decided to parent the child.

We have been so lucky in our adoption journey so far, that even though the news was disappointing…it wasn’t devastating and we have Nolin to thank for that.

One thing was for certain, we had spent the last several weeks focused on adjusting our lives and our home to one outcome that it felt strange for such an anticlimactic ending.

When it was confirmed that the plans had definitely changed, Jenn let me know that Nolin’s Godfather Lee had extra tickets to the Dave Mathews Band Concert in West Palm Beach. Not exactly the weekend I was planning for, but it would probably involve just as much sleep.

With weekend plans that had now quickly changed, our friends all quickly changed their plans to include us…which was awesome.

I left work wondering if this was really the best idea. A short time later, Cori and Jenn were sitting in the backseat reading Nolin a new library book One Love when it started…

One Love, One Heart. Let’s Get Together and Feel All Right.

With a huge smile on his face and his constant urging to have everyone sing, I knew that this was weekend was going to be all right.

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