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Standing on Six Legs: 1,987 Miles

Untitled While I was at home catching up on work and house projects, Jenn was putting another 1,987 miles on the car (not including all the excursions they took when they were visiting places).

Leg 1: New Hampshire continued:
Grammy & Pap-Pap met up with them in New Hampshire right after I left, and during this time they got to spend a lot of time hiking and playing in creeks. The kids were in their glory. They got to do many of the things that we missed out on while I was there and overall had a great second week in New Hampshire. Continue reading “Standing on Six Legs: 1,987 Miles”

3,391: Pennsylvania

The morning after meeting Harper, we packed up the car and began the next leg of our journey. The kids were a little upset that they did not also get to meet Harper, but we were able to temper that with the fact that we were on our way to meet up with Grammy, Pap-Pap, Uncle Mike & Aunt Noreen.

We decided to take the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel, partially for timing but also because we knew the kids would enjoy it. It was fun, but even with numerous tunnels, big ships and country roads, the car ride seemed to be never ending…so we eventually busted out the iPad. Continue reading “3,391: Pennsylvania”

Two Week’s Notice (pt.1)

2015-06-29 03.36.10 1

It is that time of year again. I get two weeks of vacationĀ and we pack the car up Griswold style and head up North. Then I come home to cram a year’s worth of house projects into a 3 week period before everyone comes back home.

This year’s vacation will likely go down as the Summer of Nostalgia. Continue reading “Two Week’s Notice (pt.1)”

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

IMG_20130720_232645We arrived in Pennsylvania from our trip to San Francisco in a whirlwind.

The first night we decided that it would be nice to sleep together as a family. It was a family bed for those who have seen Away We Go. So we put two twin beds together and had a pack-n-play for Grace.

Needless to say the next morning we decided that family beds worked better in the movies and it was ok not continuing this whenever rooms were available. Continue reading “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

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