My Buddy

Everyone get’s a little restless during quarantine, including our kids. While they have been searching for things to do and things to occupy their time, we have been searching for things that didn’t include screens.

So Grace kept approaching Jenn & I letting us know that she either wanted a baby brother/sister (preferably a sister) or a pet. Well let’s just say that Jenn and I are happy being a family of four, and neither option necessarily fit our “life plan”.

So as the noise got a little louder and the requests became more frequent, we broke down, and welcomed a baby bearded dragon, Scaley to our family. Unfortunately we found out (about 3 days) later that the pet store sold Scaley too early, and he did not adjust to the change in environment, and as hard as we tried, he would not eat.

As we said goodbye to Scaley, the kids decided that maybe they really didn’t want another pet, they certainly did not want another pet who died.

As several weeks passed, the noise started back up, and although I said I would never ever get a dog, Jenn and I began secretly looking. One thing though with a pandemic…everyone is looking for dogs. It was like the second that a dog was listed, fifty people had applications in.

This process seemed to work for us, we got our fill of looking for dogs, but not actually having to commit. Then one day, as I was working from my home office, Jenn came up, and as we were talking she brought it up again. I indicated that there were no dogs available and hit refresh to prove it.

That is when a new listing appeared, and both of our eyes popped. I called immediately, and was able to secure an appointment the following day to meet the dog. We both agreed that we would not tell the kids, in case it didn’t work, but that we should take at least one kid, so that we could make sure that the dog was ok with children.

A little later Grace informed me, that she knew that the two of us were going to meet a dog the next day. Thanks Jenn…plan failed. However, we set the foundation that this may not happen. I told Jenn though that we were sending the wrong parent to meet the dog because we both knew there was no way that I could say no.

Well…Never say never.

A few hours later, Grace and arrived home with Buddy. We are all getting used to each other, but it is absolutely wonderful. Nolin said, our family was great before Buddy, but now it is even better.

There is nothing like adding a little more chaos to a pandemic, but I am glad that we took the chance, and as far as creating a distraction from screens, we may have failed in that area too, as Jenn & I seem to be doing the majority of walking and picking up poop.

Welcome to Our Modern Family Buddy!

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