Where It Began

Our First Dance

We’re in the midst of the Nolin James East Coast World Tour and it has been a blast so far.  We have had so many adventures and firsts that I will be writing about in the near future, but I couldn’t let today go by without  writing about how our modern family’s story began.  

Our story probably would not have turned out the same if my brother-in-law’s girlfriend at the time had not sought out my fashion advice.  While it may be hard to believe, in my twenties I was on the cutting edge of fashion.  Ok, maybe not really, but it didn’t stop her from trying to get my hair style advice.  Yes it was a very strange conversation,  but I told her I have a callick and if the hairstyle ever goes out of fashion, then I would be in trouble and just like that, I politely introduced myself as I was leaving.  

Next thing you know, I hear Jenn you need to meet this guy, mom would love him.  Apparently my last name, provided the Irish heritage that Jenn’s mom wanted for her daughter.  I was pretty instantly attracted to her, and we spent the rest of the night talking and then the next few months of me playing hard to get to keep things interesting.  My plan worked and fortunately we were married a few years later.   

It is strange to imagine that one seemingly insignificant moment/conversation in your life could completely change everything.  I have often thought that I should make a Hair Cuttery commercial…Where a good haircut will help you meet your future wife…  

Our wedding day was one I will never forget.  Complete with a bagpipe player,  an irish band (Scythian), all our friends and family, and our priest who proudly announced that Patricia and Jenn were getting married…yes we were a modern family before we even knew it.  

This past year has brought so many exciting changes to our lives, but I have to say that the happiest periods in my life have all been spent with Jenn.  As most things in our life, our story didn’t begin very traditionally, but it just seems to work for us.  There will be many more adventures in the years to come and thankfully they all began five years ago today when Jenn agreed to join me in this journey when she said “I do!”  

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