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3,391: Welcome Harper

As if Aunt ELO’s wedding wasn’t a big enough life event during our week in Virginia, there was also a chance that we may be around for the arrival of my brother’s second child.

He would now learn exactly what it means to go from zone defense to man-to-man or better said, man-to-two-daughters (heaven help him). Continue reading “3,391: Welcome Harper”

3,391: Colonial George and more

So what do you do after driving 763 miles and attending your younger sister’s wedding? You head to a neighboring city to visit a friend who a few months earlier lived less than a mile from you.

Wednesday we made an afternoon trip to Colonial Williamsburg to meet up with our good friend George, who left us a few months earlier for bigger and better and has jumped in feet first to Virginia living. Continue reading “3,391: Colonial George and more”

3,391: The Wedding

13723889_10154016786922758_7099318992030860676_oI am a firm believer in destiny and that if you allow it, every adventure will lead you to exactly where you are supposed to be. Such was the case in the journey to starting our family and such was the case with my sister whose journey was now leading up to beginning a life married to a great guy.

On the other hand in order to allow our path to intersect with my sister’s, it meant that our current destiny would include a 13+ hour car ride with two kids.

Again, you don’t question they why, you just enjoy the where.

Continue reading “3,391: The Wedding”

3,391 Miles and Counting…

2016-06-10 05.19.41 1Summer time for our family is about adventuring (and getting out the heat). This year we planned a major summer vacation basically around my sister’s wedding and an end of the summer log cabin rental in the Smokey Mountains with Jenn’s family.

As is our customary summer schedule I attend for part of the vacation and my family gets to enjoy the rest while I get to go back to work and try and complete a year’s worth of home improvement projects before everyone gets back. My leg of the road trip tour included 3,391 miles (including my flight home), but Jenn and the kids are still plugging along with several more stops to come. Continue reading “3,391 Miles and Counting…”

Adventure of A Lifetime

If you line a bunch of Kindergartener’s up and ask them what they want to be when they grow up…chances are you will get a few doctors, police officers, and vets. If you add Nolin into the mix, then you will get “Mr. John The Adventure Man“!

And with that it is very easy to see that having the opportunity to walk beside Nolin as he grows up will truly be the adventure of a lifetime. Today marks a new chapter in that adventure as our little adventure man turns 6 years old! Continue reading “Adventure of A Lifetime”

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