The Situation

So we may have a situation on our hands, and I am not talking about a GTL Jersey Shore type of situation.  It appears that I was naive in thinking that I had several years before I would actually have to sit down and have that uncomfortable birds and the bees conversation.

Apparently, I failed to think about the fact that adopting a male stray cat could lead to problems.  We think Toonces may be a father in the near future.  That’s right apparently Toonces’ night time activities were a little more active than we imagined.  Thus enters Mountain Cat…

Mountain Cat is a beast of a female (I actually feel sorry for Toonces because I don’t think he has much control in the relationship) and I think she is a little angry that Toonces has moved on, and now she wants half (queue Kayne West’s Gold Digger song). 

Mountain Cat sits at our door and cries for us to let her in, or she is just screaming in cat language so all the neighbors know what a dog Toonce is.  I will find her sitting on my car at night, hiding in the bushes, walking up and down our back fence, and trying to get in the garage when we open it. At one point she even backed Pancake and I against the front door trying to get into the house.

Mountain cat may be a very nice cat, but I don’t think I am quite ready for a second cat or a bunch of mini-Toonces’s running around our yard.  It is also slightly embarrassing because our neighbors keep asking why all the strays come to our house.  Although I am not so sure that Toonces or Pancake would fully understand, I guess it may be time to man up and have the talk…better late than never?!

One thought

  1. Hilarious! I can tell you based on experience DO NOT under ANY circumstances let that cat in! Once you do, you’re stuck! You guys have been spoiled with how easy and care-free Toonces is, it sounds like Mountain cat may be a little more high maintenance (like our ‘stray’ Smokey!)

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