A Friendly Handshake Would Do

October 15th is the date that has been set for Nolin’s adoption finalization.  It is the day that we have been waiting for and the day that we will have the opportunity to stand in front of a judge and tell everyone that we will accept responsibility for raising Nolin. 

Now that this date is set we had one final house visit with our social worker to ensure everything was going good.  The meeting was on Jenn’s day off and she told me not to worry about coming home, that she would just meet with our social worker.  I received a call from Jenn shortly after the social worker left.  She sounded very distant on the phone, as if she had seen a ghost.  With a hundred different things racing through my mind, I immediately asked what was wrong.  I can’t say that I expected the words that were going to come from her mouth. 

“Its Pancake…well he ummm…well, he humped the social worker”. 

“What?!” I asked and immediately broke out into laughter.

Jenn didn’t see it quite as funny as I did.  “He didn’t just hump her leg once, but three times.  And then he jumped on the chair behind her and started humping her back”.  At this point, the laughter from my office was drawing strange stares from all my co-workers.  I just kept thinking seriously, why did I have to pick this day not to attend the home visit, or why wasn’t someone recording this.

As the scene unfolded, Jenn had Nolin in one arm, and grabbed Pancake “the love dog” in the other arm as he continued his loving way.  Embarrassed and shocked, she placed him in the laundry room.  This only lasted a few minutes before Pancake started crying to join the party, but at least when he came back to the room, his hormones had calmed down and he was able to just hang out.

Apparently, Jenn doesn’t seem to think that our social worker found the scene quite as amusing as I did hearing about it on the phone.  When I asked if she laughed, Jenn simply stated, “not really”.  Before the events unfolded, she had been talking to Jenn about how she was looking to get a dog, presumably she will be looking for a dog that is a little less friendly.

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