184 Days

Today marks six months since Nolin came into our lives.  It’s hard to believe that that much time has passed.  It’s even harder to imagine exactly how much he has grown during that time period.  A friend told me after he was born to take lots of pictures because he would grown up faster than we would ever imagine…I can now say that is the truth.  Our little man entered this world at 5lbs 15 oz. and 17 inches, and as I look back at the last six months all I can do is be amazed and thankful.

We were fortunate enough to  be able to spend time with Nolin in the hospital.  He was only a few hours old, but the bond started immediately.

At the time it seemed normal for me to just carry Nolin in the palm of hand…I think I would be terrified now.

Pancake & Nolin chillaxin
At three days old we all quickly and fairly easily adjusted to life at home.

At one month, Nolin was already getting a sense of style (obviously from his father) and personality.

Two months old and we experienced the start of learning days vs. growing days.

At three months everything started being funny.

At four month old Nolin really started being interested in everything around him.

VT Nolin
Five months old and growing up too fast.

Celebrating Nolin’s six month birthday at the Irish Heritage Festival…we may have a future bagpiper on our hands.

We’re now getting ready for the next six months…

Jenn, Nolin & I
With our modern family.

Happy half-birthday buddy…we love you!

2 Thoughts

  1. Paddy, Jenn and Nolin
    Since Nolin came into our lives, I have spent so much time crying-good crying-there is so much love in your home. I am so proud and thankful every day for Nolin. Your blog brings so many memories and thoughts forward. I am very proud to be Mama Karen and I hope I will be as good a grandmother as you and Jenn are parents.

    Big Momma, Carebear

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