Holla Back

On Black Friday while some people were busy trampling each other to get a cheap TV for $100 from WalMart, we decided to spend a nice day outside at Gatorland with Nolin, Jenn’s parents and her brother Kevin who was visiting from Ireland.

It was an awesome day and a really cool park.  Nolin could not have been more intrigued and excited.  He was a big fan of the gator feeding and bird exhibit in which you would walk amongst hundreds of birds.  They would land on his arms and shoulders and he would attempt to pet them.  He didn’t really have a ton of luck, but he was persistent and kept trying.

I couldn’t convince Jenn to allow Nolin to try his hand at Gator wrestling…maybe when he starts walking? In case he needs to make a fast exit.

One of the coolest things I find in being a parent is watching your child find interest in everything and just trying to figure it all out.  You can literally watch them as they begin making the connections.  So it was pretty fun for me to just sit back and watch Nolin take everything in and there was plenty to keep his attention the entire time we were there.  Eventually the rain came and we headed to The Flats for dinner.  Our good friend Brandi came and met us there and had a chance to meet Nolin for the first time.  It was then that Jenn’s mom offered to watch Nolin if we wanted to go out.

Besides a brief recognition dinner, this was the first time that Jenn and I had been out together without Nolin.  Although I don’t think that we stay in by any means, it is kind of crazy to think that we had not gone out together for six months…where has the time gone?

We decided to take Brandi, Don and Kevin to one of our favorite places, Hollerbach’s Willow Tree in downtown Sanford.  It is an awesome German restaurant and bar with authentic entertainment.  By the time that Cori and Andrew arrived and Brandi and Don started dancing with another table…we definitely had a party on our hands.

By party I mean we left the Hallerbach and headed home by 10:45…oh how the times have changed.  We came home and Nolin decided to give us one more treat…he slept until 8:00am.  Now that really deserves a holla back.

Nolin Loves The Birds

Gator Cuddling

Watchin The Gators

2 Thoughts

  1. Hey Paddy,

    I have enjoyed reading your blog, and I hope you are doing well. Your family is so inspirational, and I felt the need to comment when I read you went to Gatorland. We live about about 1 mile from there and it would be nice to get together if you are ever down this way again. Erin

    1. Erin –

      Great to hear from you! I guess I didn’t realize you all lived that close. We will definitely have to get together sometime soon. Hope all is well, and look forward to catching up.

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