Leaving On A Jet Plane

It is something that is bound to happen to every parent at some time or another.  Something that I had already prepared myself for, but was crossing my fingers would not happen to me.  At least not yet, not this early in the game…I missed a major milestone in Nolin’s life.

I have been away from home for four days with work, and during that time, Nolin has started crawling.  I knew it was going to happen, and even sat him down on my lap before I left Monday morning and told him that he better wait until I get back.  Let’s just hope that Nolin not listening to me was simply the result of a child eager to become mobile and not the start of a future trend of selective hearing.

Once I walked out the door, he didn’t waste any time getting his butt in motion.  Jenn called me Monday afternoon when she got home and simply said, “guess whose crawling?”  There wasn’t a whole lot of mystery to that question because unless Teresa had decided to try her hand at doing the worm, there really was only one possibility.

It was a moment of instant excitement and happiness yet at the same time the thousands of miles between us became very apparent.  It made me realize how difficult it must be for military parents deployed overseas and made me grateful that I was only a four hour plane ride away.

I think Jenn has been trying to make me feel better by down playing the achievement slightly.  She keeps telling me it is more of an army crawl than a traditional crawl, but she can’t deny that he is definitely on the move.

So here I sit typing away on my computer during a late night flight waiting desperately to get home and witness this for myself…like all good things I will have to wait just a little longer because like most people, he probably wont have a burning desire to get moving at 2am.

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