A Few of My Favorite Things

Visiting The Sea Lions at SeaWorld

So in keeping with the purpose of this blog, I wanted to  document a few of the fun things that Nolin is now doing.  I have come to realize how quickly he is changing  and that while one day he will be doing something fun and exciting, a few weeks later he has stopped and moved on to something else.  As things are changing so quickly it can be easy to forget the little things that we have enjoyed so much.

So here are just a few of my favorite things:

Too Shy Shy:  Kajagoogoo made this lyric famous, but Nolin made it his.  If you are not paying attention to him, or he is in the mood to be cute, he will announce that he is shy and put his head to the side like he is laying on a table and give you big sad eyes with a huge smile. Sometimes he goes total drama queen, announces that he is shy and lies on the floor completely spread out looking at you with those big eyes and smile.

ABC Easy As 123:  Michael Jackson was 10 years old when he sang this famous song…Nolin has started singing it at 16 months.  He is currently counting to around 14 with little to no help.  Each number gets louder and higher in pitch until he can’t take the excitement anymore.  He is also able to make it through his ABCs, and at times he will start announcing words that start or at least sound like they start with the letter (C still apparently stands for Kiwi…baby steps).

In Hiding:  It is a great Pearl Jam song, but even more fun as Nolin announces to everyone that he is hiding and then takes off.  He is really good at it too.  He enjoys hiding in closets and pulling clothes around his body to make himself more difficult to find.  He also likes to hide behind curtains (he hasn’t realized he would be more difficult to find if his feet weren’t sticking out).  He hides between the washer and the wall, behind the chair in his bedroom and a few other places.  He will stay quite until you come and find him. Although he loves to hide, I think he enjoys being found even more because he eagerly announces “there he is” as soon as he has been discovered.

Kung Fu Fighting:  Nolin’s ode to the party anthem from the 80’s.  One night Nolin was wearing a karate shirt, so I started picking up my leg and saying Kung Fu Kick.  Nolin thought this was hysterical.  He tried to mimic me, but quickly fell down every time he would lift his leg. Never the quitter, he began placing one hand on objects, saying Kung Fu Kick and lifting his leg.  He is now an official Baby Black Belt, as he can walk around kicking his leg in the air and announcing Kung Fu Kick!

Are You Ready For Some Football: Hank Williams Jr., has gotten himself into a whole mess lately with this song, but Nolin he is still just in it for the game.  As we were watching (the disappointing) Virginia Tech vs. Clemson game, I was trying to teach Nolin Touchdown Hokies! while throwing up his arms to no avail.  Then all of the sudden he started on his own completely unprovoked.  Now when he gets excited he throws his hands in the air and screams Touchdown and smiles with excitement.  While Jenn was driving in the car the other day, she yelled touchdown and without missing a beat you simply saw two little hands raise over the car seat.

Give Peace A Chance:  While John Lennon was political, Nolin could be a politician.  In Church each week Nolin takes the opportunity during the sign of the peace to display his future political aspirations.  He wants to make sure that he shakes everyone’s hand.  Even well after the sign of the peace, Nolin will still be there trying to shake your hand.  He is determined too…he will sit with his hand out staring at you until you shake his hand.  This always brings a smile to the people sitting around us.

Happy to spend the day on the beach in Bonita Springs
Looking for his friends the dolphins and the "big shark" that he met on the boat ride to the beach
Hanging with his godfather Lee, whom he called by name before he said daddy.

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  1. Love reading (and watching and listening to) your blog. Nolin is so adorable and you and Jenn are doing such a great job as parents.

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