Daddy Daycare

It may be because Nolin is still easily influenced and Jenn is afraid that extended periods with just me may result in an early childhood addiction to ice cream and/or frozen pizza.  Or maybe she is afraid that she will come home and he’ll be saying holla and dancing to Rico Suave.  Most likely it is just due to my work schedule and the fact that we are usually always hanging out together as a family.

Needless to say there is not always a lot of just Nolin and daddy time and if there was he would probably be asking for Pap Pap (something I am sure I will get into later).

This past Saturday Jenn had her final track meet of the season for her school.  It was an exhausting affair that lasted over 9 hours. I hate running but that would be enough to put me over the edge.  So Jenn was gone all day (and night) and I was left alone to take care of Nolin who was getting over a cold which meant that although it was nice outside we were stuck inside on an awesome day…sounds like a recipe for disaster for a kid who needs to explore.

Don’t worry though Teresa sent Don over at one point with food for Nolin and dinner for me…yeah I guess there is not a lot of faith in my parenting or childhood culinary skills.  Funny thing is that she sent me over frozen pizza (cooked of course)…apparently she knows the way to my heart!

Well besides having an awesome day playing with Nolin’s cars and puzzles, playing hide & seek, and taking turns singing songs on the guitar and drum, I realized that we also rock out as a father/son duo.  We cleaned the house, did laundry (Nolin would hand me clothes and say here you go as I put them in), and we set up a temporary barbershop.

The next day was going to be our one and only chance before I left for a business trip to take Christmas card pictures, so I gave both Nolin and myself stylish new haircuts.  Not to brag, but I may have a skill to fall back on if anything ever happens at work, or at the very least a role in Barbershop 3.

I also made sure he got plenty of vitamin C, a warm bath, and his humidifier set up to help him fight his cold. Nolin fell asleep at the beginning of the Virginia Tech game (even that was easy although it wasn’t a game to stay up for) and woke up the next morning happy…minus a cold…I guess you can add pediatrician to my quickly expanding parental resume.

I woke up realizing that Nolin still had all his fingers and toes, Virginia Tech blew the ACC championship and that Jenn and Teresa have it good when I am not home because Nolin is a very easy kid…not that I appreciate all they do any less, but he really is a fun kid to hang around with.

As far as running a successful Daddy Daycare, I’d give myself a thumbs up.  And so far no major signs of the terrible two’s…at least not yet.

Nolin was super excited to see Telly up close

One thought

  1. Patrick/Jenn: I just can’t tell you how very much I enjoy reading these blogs and I am so glad to be able to keep up with Nolin and you guys. It is something I look forward to and always leaves me with a smile and tears of JOY for you all! God Bless! See you soon, I hope, when you return here to Va. Beach for Santa’s arrival!

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