No Sleep Till Brooklyn…

No Sleep Till Brooklyn…a classic Beastie Boys song. Only problem is that we currently don’t have any plans in the near future to take a trip to Brooklyn. So if this was a question on the SAT the answer would be “C“…If there is no sleep till Brooklyn and we aren’t going to Brooklyn, then we therefore have no plans to sleep in the near future.

But we are getting some sleep…granted a little more fragmented, so why am I so tired all the time?

Let me first start by clarifying that Grace is a pretty good sleeper and Nolin had a few off nights (as his world quickly got turned upside down), but he is doing pretty good too.

Similar to Nolin at this age, Grace does seem to hit a witching hour. And like Nolin, hers falls sometime between 9- 10:30pm.

Slightly different from Nolin, Grace is typically comforted as soon as she is in your arms. So as long as you don’t mind (and who would) two eyes staring intently at you in your arms, you don’t have to worry about crying.

It does make getting any personal things done a little more difficult. I am getting pretty good at one-armed washing and putting away dishes, one-armed ice cream eating and right now one-armed blogging.

Jenn says that Grace really seems to be most comfortable snuggling up to your chest. Not really sure what she is trying to say, because Grace seems to love falling asleep on my chest a lot…guess that is a subtle hint that I need to keep working out a little more.

We have also started falling into our routines at night. One of us will hang out with Nolin for a little bit reading or making up stories and singing the “Winding Down Song” (a new POB bedtime classic) as he goes to bed.

Sometimes this is more successful than others…but eventually he does always end up going to sleep.

The other will hang out with Grace downstairs. I have found that we both enjoy this time. Between renditions of “This Little Light of Mine“. “You Are My Sunshine“, “Redemption Song” and my apparent man bosom I can usually provide a nice knock out punch sending her into a deep slumber.

Again, after a slight disruption in Nolin’s sleeping schedule he is back on track and while it may take a little longer to get him to sleep, we usually don’t have to worry about an early morning announcement from his room “OK [insert mommy or daddy], I am all done sleeping“.

Grace will eat around 10pm, 2am & 5am and Jenn and I take turns, so I really shouldn’t be tired.

But since I have returned from my most recent work outing in Vegas I feel as if I have been walking around like an extra from The Walking Dead. Maybe it is just taking longer to adjust to the time difference. Yesterday I took Jenn’s dad to the airport at 4:45am and got to work at 5:45am so that didn’t help, but today I slept in until 7, and I have to say that I am feeling better.

Let’s hope that by the time we visit our friends Julie,Derek & Nora this weekend I am back to normal…or else we will be planning a nice long vacation to Brooklyn next week.

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