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Easter 2016

20160314_151306It’s Easter 2016 a time for new beginnings. Besides the obvious religious components of Easter, it always serves as a good reminder of a few other important areas of life.

One is the fact that I can bring back whatever it is that I gave up for lent. Now that I am reading this back, this is probably not (in the grand scheme of things) really an “important area of life”. Previously I have said a temporary goodbye to all sugar, meat and this year it was alcohol.

Next it reminds me that I have either celebrated or am about to celebrate yet another birthday. This always reminds me that while in my mind I am still stuck somewhere in my twenties, my body is on a dead sprint towards the top of the hill.

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The Marathon(s)

3:27:05 / 9119 / 1933 / 1561 / 7:53

No, it’s not the mysterious numbers from a new Lost spinoff. This is Jenn’s Boston Marathon Finish Time, Overall Rank, Overall Female Rank, Division Rank and pace per mile. She paced almost 30 seconds per mile faster than her qualifying time and had a PR of over 10 minutes.

Not to take anything away from this amazing accomplishment, but I kind of had a marathon of my own going at the same time. Before we get into our marathons, I’ll treat you all to the DVR version of the blog so that you can catch up on everything you missed between my last post in 90 seconds. Continue reading “The Marathon(s)”

Oh April Where Have You Gone? (Pt. 1)

IMG_20140423_205454It has been over a month, but I promise I am trying to keep up. My time away has not been any less busy and it has actually been filled with some exciting celebrations.

April 3rd, was basically the night before Christmas in our household. It was the perfect storm that led to a very sleepless night. Friday April 4th, would bring about a two-week visit from Ba & Pop as well as the long-awaited return of Pap-Pap. The kids were beyond excited and trying to get any sleep…well that wasn’t going to happen. Continue reading “Oh April Where Have You Gone? (Pt. 1)”

Is This Live?

IMG_20130312_230802So once again, I am late to the party. In the midst of contractors, realtors, renters, work and kids we found a little bit of time to help put together the 4th Annual Adoption Picnic. But I have found it difficult to find the time to actually write about what an awesome experience it was.

When Jenn and I were going through the Adoption Classes (seems like a lifetime ago), I remember thinking how cool would it be if they asked us to come back and maybe speak to a future class. When they first asked, I was beyond excited, so needless to say I am thrilled anytime that we can potentially help and share our stories.
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3rd Annual Adoption Picnic

A few months ago Jenn & I received an exciting call from Catholic Charities the organization that helped us adopt Nolin.  No it was not to add another member to our family, but it was to see if we wouldn’t mind helping organize the 3rd Annual Adoption Picnic.

It was exciting because we were so blessed and fortunate with everything that led us to Nolin, that I personally feel it is my responsibility to give back, support and help out anyone and anytime that I can.  Not to mention that I have never minded putting together a party. Continue reading “3rd Annual Adoption Picnic”

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