Oh April Where Have You Gone? (Pt. 1)

IMG_20140423_205454It has been over a month, but I promise I am trying to keep up. My time away has not been any less busy and it has actually been filled with some exciting celebrations.

April 3rd, was basically the night before Christmas in our household. It was the perfect storm that led to a very sleepless night. Friday April 4th, would bring about a two-week visit from Ba & Pop as well as the long-awaited return of Pap-Pap. The kids were beyond excited and trying to get any sleep…well that wasn’t going to happen.

IMG_20140330_102627It turned out well because the kids didn’t have to fight for anyone’s attention. Nolin would get Pap-Pap and then when he saw my parents were paying attention to Grace, he would come over to get their attention, and she would move on to Pap-Pap…this cycle continued.

Saturday was the day I had been waiting for. The 5th Annual Adoption Picnic. This would be the 3rd year that Jenn & I had hosted it, and we had over 100 people RSVP.

We got up early, I left on my own to set up. Jenn, Grace, Grammy & Ba left for Sam’s club to pick up burgers & hotdogs and Nolin, Pap-Pap & Pop arrived shortly after me. There were many new families this year, which was exciting to see and many families who we’ve known over the years, who now also had adopted a second child.

It is always great to be able to catch up with these families and celebrate our amazing journeys. Unfortunately there was a little mix up on the days with our college volunteers which meant that I would end up having to double as the Easter Bunny.

April 5th was the hottest day of the year up to that point.Easter Bunny

Grace was mildly interested in the Easter Bunny, but Nolin didn’t really want any part this year. That was also because they had started the Easter Egg Hunt before his turn.

FamilyI realized that the only way to host a picnic of that size and have two kids, is to have 4 extra adults helping you out. It was a carefully orchestrated event where all six of us moved back and forth between catering, organizing and running after children.

The day went off great, and we got home later in the afternoon just in time (literally like 45 minutes before people came over) to celebrate mine & our friend Cori’s birthdays. That’s right the gray hair in my beard isn’t unearned as I get another year closer to the top of the hill.

20140405_193629Cori’s pregnant, and I’m old, so this wasn’t exactly a wild party that would make TMZ proud, but hey we did set up a bounce house in our living room…what?!

It was awesome to have my parents with us to not only have a chance to experience the adoption picnic, but also celebrate my birthday…it has been a long time since I have been with them on my birthday.  My parents headed down south for a few days during the week, but when they came back we would continue with more celebrations!




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