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New Years Eve

It’s Midnight Somewhere…

To further perpetuate the fact that even with all good intentions, work and raising a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old make it a little more difficult to stay current with the blog…so now we are officially just over one month late (an no…that does not mean that Nolin & Grace may be getting a sibling in 9 months).

Again, this year we stayed in town for Christmas and it was nice to be able to relax a bit and spend some more family time. I took one day off from work in between Christmas and New Years which made an already short & quiet work week even better. We made sure we packed as much as we could into that time off. Continue reading “It’s Midnight Somewhere…”

The Holiday Wrap Up (Pt. 2)

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Ok, so now not only am I dragging this whole thing out too long, the Holidays were over 18 days ago.

So here you go… Continue reading “The Holiday Wrap Up (Pt. 2)”

New Year’s Resolution

Yesterday was the last day of 2010, and what a year it was for our family.  When it started we were still adjusting to becoming instant parents to a teenager.  Then in February we became parents to a slightly neurotic (ok who am I kidding a completely neurotic) dog Pancake.

Then in May, our lives were turned upside down once again when we were lucky enough to have Nolin come into our lives, and all I can say is every day I find a new way to be amazed.  In October, I was fortunate enough to find my way into a new career opportunity which has been both challenging and rewarding.  So all in all I could not have imagined a better year for our family as it is definitely one I will never forget.

While 2010 has been a year that brought so many opportunties, for some of our friends and family, 2010 brought some challenges. So for 2011, I will continue to be thankful for everything that we have been blessed with and hope that this year brings great happiness and opportunity for everyone.

As for our family, stay tuned as I am sure that the coming year will bring some great stories as we enter the period of teeth, walking and talking…I can feel the gray hairs sprouting as I write this.

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