The Holiday Wrap Up (Pt. 2)

2014-12-25 10.13.25 1

Ok, so now not only am I dragging this whole thing out too long, the Holidays were over 18 days ago.

So here you go…

2015-01-07 08.40.49 1We spent Christmas evening with family at our traditional family dinner. It is typically the one time whenever we are home that we can easily see and spend time with everyone. It was a great dinner, a great time and unfortunately the realization that Christmas was over and we would be packing up the car in less than 48 hours to make the journey back.

Friday we finally made it to the beach. Grace had been asking to go since before we ever arrived.  The weather was nice, the day was great and while this trip ended up being too brief to get together with a lot of our friends, we did end up running into a few friends at the beach playground.

2014-12-26 08.14.48 1Before we left, we had one final family dinner. While it is always nice to go out for dinner (especially when someone else is paying), going out to dinner with a 2 and 4-year-old can usually end up with cold food and a headache. This was not one of those meals. It was a perfect end to a great holiday.

Unfortunately that is not where our story ended. There was a 15 1/2 hour drive, an embarrassing bathroom incident, oh and Grace puked all over a parking lot…but those are just small details that don’t really impact this year’s Holiday Wrap Up.

2015-01-10 01.21.44 1When we arrived home, Jenn’s brother from Ireland was in town and we had the opportunity to spend a few weeks with him going to petting zoos, the beach, and offering an extra person for the  kids to entertain.

There were lot’s of new Christmas gifts to play with including bathtub crayons and finger paint (I am not sure what I did to make my parents dislike me so much) and a slew of remote control toys.

New Year’s Eve, was the night I was planning on being in bed around 10:30, so we did the Netflix “early” countdown with the kids (like 5 times), and then after the kids went to bed, we spent turns with Jenn’s brother watching the kids and hanging out with Jenn’s parents at a neighbor’s party till 1:30 in the morning. Luckily the kids slept in until 7am…and that is the Holiday Wrap up.

2015-01-11 05.26.06 1

2015-01-19 08.29.54 1

2015-01-19 08.31.52 1 2015-01-19 08.26.35 1 2015-01-19 08.31.02 1

2015-01-19 08.30.43 1


Nolin tree

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