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Are You Home Yet?

20160417_091848Monday April 18, 2016 has been a countdown day for our family for quite some time now. Jenn has been waking up at 4am at least 3 days a week to go run an insane number of miles in preparation for thisĀ  year’s Boston Marathon. While she has been training her body to run miles, I have been training my body to operate with little sleep.

Apparently at some point after Nolin was potty trained and sleeping through the night, in a moment of brilliance I told him not to worry about waking me up if he has to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I am not sure I ever said that, but Nolin’s memory is way better than mine, so I will assume he is correct. I guess I thought that a slight wake up call was way better than a sleep walking kid peeing all over the walls and halls. Continue reading “Are You Home Yet?”

The Weekend Adventures of Bonnie & Clyde

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A couple weeks ago Jenn and Nolin took a quick trip up north to visit family and for Nolin to see snow. Grace and I on the other hand, got to hang out at home and discover what type of trouble we could get ourselves into.

It started out with Jenn pointing out various containers of fruits and vegetables and explaining to me that when we go somewhere, I should bring a certain amount of this and some of that and make sure that I don’t forget to bring something to drink.

Hmmmm, I must have missed that class. So you are supposed to feed kids? Continue reading “The Weekend Adventures of Bonnie & Clyde”

Finding Nolin

20131109_142738Sunday Jenn and Grace left with Pap Pap on Grace’s first international adventure…Ireland. It was complete with an overbooked flight that resulted in a late arrival, an extra day in Ireland, an awesome future credit and a trip-within-a-trip to New York.

While I was excited for them, I was also a little nervous because I knew this now meant I would be balancing the solo parenting / full time employee work life thing a little longer. If this goes bad, it could be a very long week. To be fair though, I did know that I would have some extra help from Grammy.

November is a month about being thankful (at least according to Facebook). So I am thankful that my bad hair gave me the chance to meet my wife, that adoption introduced me to two of the most amazing people I have ever met in my entire life and that I have had an opportunity to spend over a week one-on-one with Nolin (Grace, I am looking forward to our time in the near future). Continue reading “Finding Nolin”

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