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Lights Out

Things have been pretty crazy in our household the past few days. Jenn & Nolin got back from their trip to Pennsylvania and I was greeted with the biggest, tightest, longest hug ever from Nolin.

Nolin has always seemed a bit independent. Of course he loves to get your attention and play with you, but he can also be content entertaining himself. That has changed a bit since Nolin has returned. Continue reading “Lights Out”

All Clean

It’s 2:07 PM do you know where your kid is?

Well if it is Friday 6/8/12 and you are me, you are about to receive one of the funniest text messages of your life.

Continue reading “All Clean”

Doubting Thomas

This past weekend was Memorial Day which provided an opportunity to celebrate our freedom and honor those soldiers who have helped make our country what it is. Unfortunately it is more commonly simply associated with the start of summer and new beginnings.

As I mentioned in A Change Is Gonna Come, Nolin was celebrating his new-found freedom and we were just starting our new beginnings as Nolin transitioned from his crib to a toddler bed. We weren’t sure we would be prepared to handle our little man growing up. Well let’s be honest, we weren’t sure we were ready to go back to sleepless nights.

Jenn sadly declared, Our life is over. We knew that things would truly never be the same. We would no longer be able to enjoy our routine of teeth brushing, reading stories and saying goodnight to all the animals of the world (from Nolin’s paintings of the 7 Continents). Now we were going to be faced with agonizing cries, late nights, and toys thrown every where. Continue reading “Doubting Thomas”

Chapter 7: A Change is Gonna Come

A change is gonna come…a prophecy from the late great Sam Cooke. Never were truer words spoken then the day that Nolin turned 2 years old.

It started off with a scene that I like to call Nolin James Meet Linda Blair. As we walked up to the doctor’s office Nolin got excited…We see fish?! Jenn and I were both amazed because it has been 6 months since he has been to the doctor, but he recognized the nondescript building and instantly knew that there were two fish tanks here that he enjoyed.

What we didn’t realize is this meant he also knew he was somewhere he didn’t like…the doctor. Continue reading “Chapter 7: A Change is Gonna Come”

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