Lights Out

Things have been pretty crazy in our household the past few days. Jenn & Nolin got back from their trip to Pennsylvania and I was greeted with the biggest, tightest, longest hug ever from Nolin.

Nolin has always seemed a bit independent. Of course he loves to get your attention and play with you, but he can also be content entertaining himself. That has changed a bit since Nolin has returned.

He is still pretty good at entertaining himself, but he very much wants to know what Jenn or I are doing at all times. It is fun, because he is even more into playing games with us like hide-n-seek or basketball (in the house, which I know I am going to get in trouble for at some point because there is no way that the two of us don’t break something in the near future).

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t totally eat up the fact that he is really into hanging out with us right now, but there is one area that has been a little harder to digest.


During Nolin’s last trip, Pap Pap spent time laying in bed with him as he went to sleep and since then he does not and will not go to bed unless someone is with him. I have told Jenn that she created this monster, so she would be stuck crammed in a tiny toddler bed.

We try to leave, he wakes up. He wakes up, he starts scream crying crazy. He starts scream crying crazy and calling out our names to “save him”…and it is awful.

Typically in the toddler bed transition the tears may last a few minutes and then he would put himself to bed. Now the tears last a lifetime and if he does fall asleep it is either somewhere on the floor or in between the wall and his dresser. He has no use for his bed anymore, and if you try to put him in there, he wakes up and the cycle starts over again.

Thankfully he seems to have given up on the cubby hole between the dresser and the wall (it just looked so painfully uncomfortable). He has also gone down much easier the last two nights albeit on the floor.

We have given up temporarily trying to move him into bed, and I figure if he is hell-bent on sleeping on the floor, who I am to stop him.

I guess this is just one of many changes we have to look forward to.

Eating some ice cream after a long game of indoor basket ball
Showing the firefighters how it’s done
Hiking Cook Forrest State Park
Nolin was a big fan of the bunny rabbits
Time for a test drive
Now time to drive the boat…
Looking for peppers in Pap Pap’s garden
Taking a snack break…gardening is hard work
Playing with the Colbey boys at the pool
Dylan, Nolin and Aunt Lindsay
Nolin helping me paint the guest bedroom…figured diapers only would create the least mess

2 Thoughts

  1. A great post (and a terrific set of photos). And, for what it’s worth, I think your approach is exactly correct. As long as there are no safety issues, I say let him fall asleep wherever he wants. These things always work themselves out sooner or later… but it’s often later if there’s a lot of friction involved in getting there.

    You guys are awesome.

    1. Thanks George. We have now had 3-4 nights of going to sleep without any major struggle…he is still finding that sleeping on the floor in the corner of the room is the best place, but who am I to judge…it could make traveling a lot easier. Again, it was great seeing you all this past weekend.

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