All Clean

It’s 2:07 PM do you know where your kid is?

Well if it is Friday 6/8/12 and you are me, you are about to receive one of the funniest text messages of your life.

Nolin has adapted well to his toddler bed, but it has now created the opportunity for him to “explore” his room a little more on his own terms. This has resulted in removing one of the dressers that we could not bolt to the wall and removing some very (2-year-old) interesting but slightly breakable items like picture frames, piggy banks, etc.

Nolin’s room is on the second floor and although we usually hang out downstairs, subtlety has not been one of his strong suits. Usually he decides to “free himself” from his bed by performing a perfect 10 dismount from the bed to the floor. This almost always results in a house shaking thunder-clap that signals the eagle has landed.

We have now become quite accustomed to the noises that follow:

  • The door opening
  • The door closing
  • Thomas The Train (courtesy of Aunt ELO) puffing towards Tidmouth Station
  • Books coming off the book shelf and landing on the floor
  • And several other noises from a 2-year-old not quite ready to close his eyes.

So Jenn found it a little strange when these noises stopped much faster than normal. She waited for a little bit and then thought something is not quite right. She made her way upstairs and opened her door to find…

Nolin was on top of his dresser and he had the entire area (including himself) covered in baby powder.  Nolin proudly exclaimed “All Clean” as Jenn entered the room. She had to turn around for a minute, remove the smile from her face and then pull out the parent card and tell Nolin that this behavior was not acceptable. All the while trying to hold it together and not laugh.

Nolin had pulled subsequent dresser drawers out in order to create a set of steps to the top of the dresser. I am not sure if I was more impressed with his ingenious design or the fact the drawers did not break with his weight. Either way this ensured I had a new project for the weekend…child proofing all the dresser and cabinet drawers in the house.

It had been a long Friday at work, but Jenn’s picture to me detailing the afternoon’s events brought an instant smile to my face and a laugh that I tried to contain as I called to apologize for the mess she had to clean up. I thought we may escape Nolin’s childhood without one of these Surprise moments, but I guess we weren’t that lucky. In the end it doesn’t really matter because Nolin’s All Clean moment made for a great story and a great laugh.

A few other events from the weekend, not involving quite as much cleanup:

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