That’s My Boy!

In The Jungle

So we got big news for our little guy.  On his 2nd week birthday and his 2nd doctor’s appointment, my suspicions were confirmed…He is developing quickly.  The goal for any newborn is to be back up to their birth weight (5lbs. 15oz.) by the 2nd week, but Nolin decided to do a little bit better than that.  He has grown 2 inches (he’s now 19 inches) and weighed in at 6lbs 15oz!  If I get this excited over 1lb, I am not sure what I will do for his first tooth, first words, first steps, first everything…

With this weight gain, I guess it is safe to say that he is definitely an O’Brien! Nolin enjoy it while you can, pretty soon your mom will have you eating salads, running 1/2 marathons and doing P90X work outs…it happens to the best of us.  Speaking of that he is going to be meeting part of the crazy half of his family tonight.  Grandma & Grandpa O’Brien (we really need to sit down and figure out their grandparent names) and Uncle Happy are currently in flight on their way to O-Town.  It has been difficult to concentrate on work because I am so excited for them to finally meet Nolin.

Nolin’s favorite Aunt, Aunt ELO is going to be a few hours away working, so we are going to play it be ear, but Nolin may be making his first day trip tomorrow…one wonders if I am  a glutton for punishment or if I am really that naive to think a trip like this may not be such a bad idea.  Either way, it really could be good conditioning (or good torture) for me in preparation for his big trip up North in a few weeks (at least my family would get a good idea and appreciation for what we have in store for us), so we will see how things look tomorrow morning. 

We’ll be saying goodbye to Grandma Teresa (albeit temporarily) tomorrow morning.  I’m pretty sure she is going to miss the heck out of the little guy.  Last night Grandma Teresa hosted a slumber party for her and Nolin, she slept on the couch downstairs and he slept downstairs with her.  I’m not sure if they sat up all night eating ice cream (and formula) talking about their crushes and making prank calls, but I am pretty sure that they had fun.  It has been a great experience, to be able to sit back and watch the joy that Nolin brings to everyone else and think…That’s My Boy!

2 Thoughts

  1. Patrick… you are a very captivating writer! I have enjoyed reading about your adventures! Hope your first family day trip went well! Looking forward to your next post! See you all soon!

  2. Great stories, Patrick! It’s like reliving our first few weeks at home with Nora…I just love reading about your adventures! You guys are going to be amazing parents and I am looking forward to hearing all about it.

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