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New Year

New Years this year had a whole new look for our family. Since we did not make it to Virginia to see my family this year over the holidays, Nolin & I took a flight to Virginia and Grace & Jenn partied at home.

We held off on telling Nolin that he was going to Virginia until the day before. Mostly because we didn’t want Grace to be upset that she was not going. The night before when I told Nolin what we were doing, he was super excited. Continue reading “New Year”

Can’t Stop The Feeling

4 years ago today, a very special little lady entered the world. We are so lucky that God found us you Grace.

For a four-year old, you are strong, confident and wise beyond your years and I can only imagine what the next year(s) will have in store for us, but I am so excited to experience them all along side you.

Please don’t ever lose your big smile, huge heart and love for life. May this year be the best yet! We love you Gracie O and hope you have the most wonderful birthday!

3,391: Reliving Rockport

We all grow up way too quickly…and then life happens. Many of the moments we each took for granted growing up eventually fade into stories and distant memories. That is part of the reason, I still continue this blog…in hopes that one day all of our adventures as a family will not become some slightly exaggerated version of events, or worse…completely forgotten.

My mom’s childhood was shaped by the summers her family spent in Rockport. For her, it was the magic that childhoods are made of. The brief time before…life happened. Continue reading “3,391: Reliving Rockport”

3,391: Welcome Harper

As if Aunt ELO’s wedding wasn’t a big enough life event during our week in Virginia, there was also a chance that we may be around for the arrival of my brother’s second child.

He would now learn exactly what it means to go from zone defense to man-to-man or better said, man-to-two-daughters (heaven help him). Continue reading “3,391: Welcome Harper”

3,391: Colonial George and more

So what do you do after driving 763 miles and attending your younger sister’s wedding? You head to a neighboring city to visit a friend who a few months earlier lived less than a mile from you.

Wednesday we made an afternoon trip to Colonial Williamsburg to meet up with our good friend George, who left us a few months earlier for bigger and better and has jumped in feet first to Virginia living. Continue reading “3,391: Colonial George and more”

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