It was so much simpler then…

Our Future Yankee's Allstar

It’s hard to imagine that it was 4 weeks ago to the day that I started this blog.  The intention was to start chronicling the changes that Jenn & I would experience as we waited and welcomed our first child into our home.  Little did I know that almost immediately after I hit enter on my first post, I would receive the call that would change everything.

I must admit that it is very strange to think that 4 weeks have already gone by.  On one hand it seems like forever ago that Jenn & I sat patiently in the hospital lobby staring at each other and wondering what the heck do we do now? On the other hand it doesn’t seem like Nolin has been in our lives that long at all.

We still have a few things that we are working on improving in the quest to be parents of the year.  For me its the art of the swaddle.  I get everything ready and convince myself that this time I am going to create the perfect swaddle that would make Harvey Karp proud.  I will get Nolin wrapped up really tight (to the point that his eyes pop out and he looks at me like seriously?!), but I still can’t seem to defeat his secret  Swaddle Ninja moves.  

I have had times where I pick him up and there is one foot coming out of the slit conveniently placed on the backside, five little fingers poking out of the crotch area, and another hand unable to move and plastered to his face.  Instead of looking like a happy and content little burrito, he looks more like a freakish experiment from the Island of Dr. Moreau.  During these times, he will just look at me as if to say “Don’t worry Dad, one day you’ll get the hang of it”.

Jenn on the other hand still seems to occasionally forget that it is important to cover the soldier when you are changing him.  Nolin has made a game of this…he waits until she turns to get a new diaper and then its on…the juice is loose.  I do have to admit he has pretty good aim.

The other night as this occurred and Jenn was frantically trying to get wipes and diapers to stop the leak, Axelle walked over unknowingly and started running her fingers through Nolin’s hair.  She seemed very concerned and said “Nolin, you are sweating so much”.  Her face was priceless when I informed her that was not baby sweat on her hands.

It’s been four amazing weeks.  I know we will continue to get more comfortable as our lives continue to adjust and we will continue to learn as Nolin grows up, but it will be these days and all it’s chaos that we look back to, remember fondly and say it was so much simpler then

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