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A Case of The Feels

2016-03-19 10.51.11 1In Nolin’s perfect world, all of his friends and the people he loves would all live on our cul-de-sac and he would see them every day. If Nolin has ever met you, then you are his friend and a person he loves and therefore would be living on our cul-de-sac.

There is a complete joy that comes over him when people come to visit and although he is able to operate in an out-of-site out-of-mind mentality, it is always harder for him to say goodbye. I’d be lying if I said, that I don’t sometimes wonder if adoption plays any part in this, but I like to think that he just loves people intensely (which has caused us to already start preparing for his first “break-up”).

The other week we had a case of the feels, which was both heartbreaking and heartwarming to experience. Continue reading “A Case of The Feels”

Easter 2016

20160314_151306It’s Easter 2016 a time for new beginnings. Besides the obvious religious components of Easter, it always serves as a good reminder of a few other important areas of life.

One is the fact that I can bring back whatever it is that I gave up for lent. Now that I am reading this back, this is probably not (in the grand scheme of things) really an “important area of life”. Previously I have said a temporary goodbye to all sugar, meat and this year it was alcohol.

Next it reminds me that I have either celebrated or am about to celebrate yet another birthday. This always reminds me that while in my mind I am still stuck somewhere in my twenties, my body is on a dead sprint towards the top of the hill.

Continue reading “Easter 2016”

Button Brothers

DSC_0091As our kids get older, the conversations will get a little more difficult. Most likely starting with the observation that we don’t really look a like?

To be honest we have not really gone full speed ahead in addressing these issues at this time, but we have not ignored them. Grace obviously would not get it at all at this point. Nolin occasionally asks questions, but can’t fully wrap his head around it, and then usually moves on to something way more interesting like black holes or his animal friends. Continue reading “Button Brothers”

You Were Born To Chase The Light

Grace Fion, you stole my heart. I am sure much like every daughter steals a father’s heart, but it was you who stole mine.

DSC_0065I must admit that when we decided to pursue our second adoption journey, I was scared to death. I couldn’t imagine having the capacity to find more love in my life, and I feared that it just wouldn’t be the same. What I found is that the heart simply grows…just like our family. Continue reading “You Were Born To Chase The Light”

Walk This Way

There is one thing that I have realized watching both Nolin and Grace grow up together. They may not have the same birth parents, but there is definitely a strong bond between the two of them which is very exciting to experience.

Really since the beginning, Grace has adored Nolin (as well as realized she needs to be able to get out of his way if she doesn’t want to get run over). She watches his every move and laughs at everything he does.

This really doesn’t work well for us when he is doing something we don’t want him to do, because his first response is always Grace wants me to do it, she is laughing. These two will be thick as thieves. Continue reading “Walk This Way”

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