A New Perspective

To be honest for the past few weeks, I have found myself getting very frustrated with almost everything.  Work is crazy, our schedules always seem to be packed with events, and I can’t ever seem to get all of the projects completed that in some parallel universe would allow me to feel like I can sit back and relax.

Everything these days seems to be moving at hyper speed.  In one week, Nolin will be 4 months old…a fact I still can’t wrap my mind around.  I am finding that the work week starts and the next thing I know it is over with no real indication of what I accomplished.  Then the glorious weekend arrives and I am excited to actually relax and enjoy it.  Just as quickly it is over with no real indication of what I accomplished.

This past Sunday I planned to hang my new TV above the fireplace along with some cabinetry for our audio devices.  For those who know me, I have been waiting for a real TV for years and finally had enough credit card points and money saved up to get it.  This was going to be a pivotal day to remember.

Six hours later, Lee and I had finished some rewiring of the house, we realized the cabinets would not work as we had planned, and finished with Jenn saying, “The TV looks a little crooked to me”… Seriously WHAT?!  Most people wouldn’t notice it, but now every time I look at the TV all I can think about is that  at some point people are going to fall right out of it and onto my floor unless you tilt your head to the side…well I guess it is back to the drawing board.

So yesterday I left work later than planned and headed to Home Depot to try and fix my Tim the Toolman moment before dinner was served.  Turns out, I didn’t get any help from the staff, left the store with half of what I needed and only to realize that my solution was not going to work.  I arrived at the house completely frustrated as Jenn & Nolin greeted me at the door. 

Standing in the doorway, I immediately began to tell Jenn about how frustrating the entire day had been when in mid-sentence I looked down and saw Nolin quietly giving me the biggest smile I have ever seen.  He was so excited to see me…he was genuinely excited that his dad was finally home to spend time with him.

It was at that exact moment that I realized that all the headaches at work, bad customer service, and the realization the Ty would never ask me to be on Extreme Home Makeover (well maybe for the demolition portion) doesn’t really matter.  Time is only what you make of it.  This is the important stuff.  This is why I enjoy being a father.

2 Thoughts

  1. I am so glad that I am able to read your blog because I will truly miss talking to you and seeing the joy on your face when you talk about Jenn and your beautiful son God Bless you three

  2. How proud we are of all of you. Dad and I raised a good man and we were blessed with a wonderful daughter-in-law and a happy gorgeous grandson. What are you going to call me,Nolin? Momma Karen, Big Momma, Care Bear, …….We love all of you.

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