I think I am now officially middle-aged.  The Cool, that I fought all my life to achieve has slowly been slipping away these past few years.  Some may argue it was never really there to begin with; either way, this ever disappointing evolution has become even more apparent now with some of my recent actions. 

The other night I was driving with my mother-in-law when a 17 year-old girl cut me off and I instinctly yelled “stupid teenagers driving like maniacs“.  Do What?!  Only people my father’s age say things like that!  But nothing has made me feel older than starting to listen to (and secretly enjoying) NPR. 

That’s right, now when I am driving in my car, you’re less likely to hear me listening to the modern rock station and more likely to hear me listening to All Things Considered or The Diane Rehm Show.  Who knows, maybe an interest in all things intellectual is actually the new cool?

Recently they had an interview with Scott Simon, host of NPR’s Weekend Edition, who adopted two girls from China (to read or listen to the NPR interview click here).  He has written a book titled, Baby, We Were Meant For Each Other about his adoption journey and inter-racial adoption experiences.

Although his adoption took place overseas, I can say that many of the same feelings in regards to ethnicity exist with our journey to Nolin.  I do feel lucky because unlike Mr. Simon’s experience, we have an open adoption.  Therefore, we hope that Nolin will have a better understanding of the love his birth parents also have for him.

As I have said before, every adoption story is different and every journey is special.  Just like Mr. Simon, I feel that Nolin, Jenn and I were meant to be a family, we just took a different route in finding each other.  It was neat to hear and compare Mr. Simon’s story and experiences, even if it meant turning in my youth angst and rebellion card.