Can’t Sleep

I know what you think, this is the post that I start talking about how we thought we had it good, but as I have mentioned before I have learned the first rule of Baby Sleep Club, you don’t talk about Baby Sleep Club.  Once you do, they do a complete 180 and your nights become a whole lot longer.

It’s really quite the opposite actually.  Nolin is still sleeping much better than I ever imagined, but it is his father who has been having trouble sleeping lately. 

It seems like lately we have so many exciting things on the horizon, but none is as exciting for me as tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the finalization of our adoption.  From the very first moment I met Nolin, I instantly fell in love with him and felt an intense bond.  There was never any question for me that he was my son.  So I guess I am not really expecting to feel any major change  once the adoption is finalized, but I do feel like it will be a nice exclamation point on a surreal and amazing experience. 

Tomorrow we will have the opportunity to stand before some of our family and friends and tell them all how honored we are to have Nolin in our lives.  We will be joined tomorrow by Jenn’s parents, her aunt from New York, her aunt and uncle from Ireland, her mom’s cousin from Ireland and about 10,000 of our closest biker friends. That’s right Nolin’s finalization will be taking place in Daytona during Biketoberfest. 

So while Nolin is fast asleep upstairs in his crib, I am sitting here anxiously awaiting a huge milestone in our lives.  Tomorrow will most likely be just another day for Nolin, but for me it will be the start of chapter two.  My only hope is that one day Nolin will be able to look back at October 15th, 2010 and truly understand why it was that his father couldn’t sleep.

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