Axelle, Jenn & Nolin Halloween '10

As the darkness settled in and the temperature dropped to a blustery 81 degrees, the ghosts and witches began to descend upon our neighborhood.  This year they were joined by another terrifying creature…The Penguin (do-be-do-be-do).  Ok, let’s be honest, Nolin’s costume wasn’t too fierce, and he will probably hate us when he gets older for making him wear it and showing all of his girlfriends the pictures, but I thought he was the coolest Penguin ever.

This was the first real fun holiday that we have had a chance to participate in with Nolin.  It was even more fun because Axelle was in town to celebrate with us.  We took Nolin to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins and let him play in the hay.

Nolin and His Big Sister

We also took him to a Trunk-or-Treat event at our church on Saturday.  We pulled up in our car with a bowl of candy only to find about 50 cars completely decked out.  Suddenly our car with a bowl of snickers and skittles didn’t seem to be as exciting.  Needless to say we discretely parked our car elsewhere and just walked through.  Nolin was mesmerized by all of the people in costumes and all of the decorations.

Then the big day arrived.  Nolin slept almost the entire day to save up for his big night as The Penguin.  We only went around to a few houses, but the routine was pretty much the same each time.  I would walk up to the door with Nolin and say trick-or-treat, he would kick his feet in uncontrollable excitement and Jenn would announce to our neighbors that the candy wasn’t for Nolin, but really for his daddy…awesome.

Full Bag of Candy

When Nolin’s Halloween bag was getting too heavy (aka apparently he had enough candy in it to keep his dad happy) we headed back home for dinner.  We only had a few trick-or-treaters this year.  Two were our neighbor’s boys, who Jenn had commented I guess you are not dressing up for Halloween this year, to which they replied no we are going as nerds (insert foot now).  I have to admit I had a good laugh at that one.

As Jenn’s mom headed back over to her house for the night, she called back to say she was scared to drive down her street because there were hundreds of kids walking around.  We thought how could there be so many kids one street over when we may have had 15?  Nolin was in his pajamas, but we put his penguin hat back on and went exploring…we discovered this is where Halloween lives.  This is where the party was at.  There were still hundreds of kids, a ton of adults dressed up handing out candy in their driveways and haunted houses constructed in their front yards.

I couldn’t believe that this had been going on for years so close to our house and we never knew.  I guess when you become a parent, you start to open your eyes to everything else around you.  I now can’t wait for next year when Nolin will be able to celebrate Halloween like I remember it as a child.


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  1. as always….tears of joy are always part of reading these blogs! the pics are just tooooooo darn cute! he is so cute and growing up tooooo fast. love to all!

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