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Halloween 7: The Tale of The Dragon, The Bee & The Park Ranger

Halloween is always one of our favorite times of the year. Having it fall on a Monday night, maybe not quite as much. Now instead of being able to focus all of our kids attention on going out and collecting candy for me (because someone has to keep their teeth from rotting out), we had to balance gymnastics practice, Trick-or-Treating and a regular bed time.

At the end of the day I think we nailed it. Continue reading “Halloween 7: The Tale of The Dragon, The Bee & The Park Ranger”

Halloween 6

2015-10-29 08.11.01 1Halloween should be on a Saturday every year to make it easier for parents who work. Let’s be honest, there is a high degree of chaos that leads up to the actual event of trick-or-treating and the subsequent CIA style operation required to hide the candy after the kids fall asleep.  This is all a lot to handle when you are rushing home after a day of work. Continue reading “Halloween 6”

Halloween 4: The Curse of the Owl Dragon

Halloween 4: Curse of The Dragon Owl from Our Modern Family on Vimeo.

Halloween seemed to creep up quickly this year. The kids are both getting to the age that they are really excited about it which makes the evening that much more fun.

This year, Ba & Pop really wanted to get the kids costumes. Although we originally wanted to let the kids pick their own costumes, we vetoed that decision after the decisions kept changing every minute. We figured we would surprise them when the costumes arrived. Continue reading “Halloween 4: The Curse of the Owl Dragon”

This is Awesome

It looks like Halloween 2013 was a success. Well, this was technically not Grace’s first Halloween, she pretty much slept through the entire thing last year. For Nolin, he has been looking forward to this night since last year.

To battle the Halloween creatures of the night this year, we had Bat Girl (compliments of Aunt ELO) and Tiny Pteranodon (Compliments of Amazon).

Continue reading “This is Awesome”

Having A Ball

IMG_4052One nice thing about living where we are now…it can be much easier to maintain friendships and relationships beyond Facebook since a lot of people seem to make their way close by at one point or another.

It is October which meant that the Balls were making their annual trip. This is always a great excuse to get away and go the beach to hang out with friends. I left work a little early and we made our way. Continue reading “Having A Ball”

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