Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

In this corner weighing in at 21.5 pounds…Nolin “Rico Suave” O’Brien!

And in this corner weighing in 26 pounds Maggie “The Barberton Basher” Ufkes!

There is nothing like watching your child on a play date to give you a good laugh.  Especially watching kids trying to figure each other out. They realize that there is another little person around, but not really sure what to make of them.

While we were back in Virginia Beach, Gordie and his daughter Maggie came over to go swimming at my parent’s house. Eventually we got both kids out of the pool and took them out behind my parent’s house so that they could run around in the grass (and we didn’t have to worry about pools, steps and other kid friendly fun).

Nolin and Maggie took off running in the grass together.  They were like two best friends.  Maggie being a few months older, apparently caught Nolin’s attention and he walked over to her and put his arms out for her.  Maggie walked over cautiously (because she’s a lady) and Nolin started to give her a hug.

At this point all the adults began to comment at how sweet this was…and then with one quick move, Nolin took her down.


All of the sudden this tender moment between a boy and a girl turned into a high school wrestling match (minus the singlets). Maggie got up and was unfazed by Nolin’s physical advance.  Apparently feeling bad about his foreword advances, Nolin walked over and gave Maggie another hug, and then…another take down.

This time Nolin thought that Maggie would be able to carry him on her back so he tried to climb on.  We may need to teach Nolin that the back rides he enjoys should be from adults not other kids.

Maggie simply brushed him off and decided she wouldn’t fall for the hug trick again.

Nolin realized that his rico suave moves had failed him and both kids continued to play together with no other incident.  I guess this is the time that I have to sit down with Nolin and explain that the way to a girl’s heart is not a full nelson and if it is…run, run fast.

Nolin Going In For The Hug, Maggie Playing Hard To Get
Nice Form As Nolin Goes For The Take Down
Again, Nice Form...We May Have A Future Wrestler On Our Hands.

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