Nolin Van Gogh

Disclaimer:  No crayons were harmed or eaten during the creation of this drawing

I was on my way home from work Monday night and was talking to Jenn on the phone about her and Nolin’s day.  She was recounting the events of the day and the fun they had, and then she informed me that Nolin had created his first drawing.

My heart sank a little and my curiosity was peaked all at the same time.  I immediately pictured the upcoming weekend being occupied by re-painting the walls that Nolin had gotten artistic on.

Really?  How did that go? 

Jenn explained that it was about a five-minute activity, but he used each one of his colors.  It’s not too bad she explained.  She went on to tell me that she thinks we may have a lefty on our hands.

A lefty?  This could be interesting.  I am ambidextrous and over the years I have leaned more towards my right hand, but definitely still use my left hand for things like eating.  This caused some serious issues growing up because everyone in my family was right-handed and I never knew which hand to use.

My parents would spend marathon sessions with me trying to teach me how to tie my shoes…I could never get it.  Just when my mom had resigned to her middle son spending the rest of his life wearing Velcro shoes, we visited my Aunt Alice in Richmond who was left-handed.  She sat down with me for 3 minutes and I quickly graduated to the world of laced shoes.  It’s a good thing because I think Velcro shoes sort of lost their cool after first grade although I did rock tube socks pulled up to my knees until about the third grade (thanks mom & dad for not cluing me into that fashion faux pas earlier).

Sadly, my Aunt Alice never had a chance to meet Nolin, but I hope that between his mom (a lefty), his father (the confused one), and the rest of our family, Nolin wont have any problems learning to tie his shoes when the time comes, no matter which hand he prefers.

When I finally arrived home, I immediately asked Jenn to see Nolin’s artwork…honestly I was not expecting too much, but I was floored when I saw it.  Yes I know it wont be hanging in The Louvre any time soon, but I was still very impressed and I enjoy taking a minute to look at his creativity each night when I come home.  I call it Elmo and The City.

I guess this now starts the period where we begin proudly displaying Nolin’s masterpieces…let’s just hope they don’t start displaying themselves on our walls.

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