Wow…Look At That!

So it has been a reunion of sorts.  Last year in October a lot of Jenn’s extended family (from as far as Ireland) were in town during Nolin’s adoption finalization and now many of them are back to visit again…which has been great craic!

Last Wednesday night, I left work and drove down towards Disney to meet up with everyone at the hotel they were staying at for a few days.  Jenn was working late, so she was going to meet up with us later.

Nolin apparently had a big day at the pool and hanging out with everyone, and never really took a full nap, but was in great spirits just having so many people to give him attention.  We ate a quick dinner and then headed to Downtown Disney to walk around for a bit.

As we made our way through Downtown Disney we began to see the mountain shape top of the Rainforest Café and Nolin’s eyes grew wider.  I was watching Nolin take in all the lights and action while also trying to make sure that we didn’t get run over by a family of European tourists who were paying about as much attention as I was to where they were walking.

As we got closer, Nolin looked at me and said, “Wow…look at that” (in a syncopated style that made ever word very distinct).  I did a quick double take as I almost ran into a woman taking a picture…surely that could not be what he just said.  First off, although he is speaking a lot, it is typically to name something he is looking at (rock, flower, orca whale, barracuda…you know normal things), not an abstract concept to actually start a conversation.  Secondly, he has put together a word or two, but not really phrases and sentences.  Then he said it again…Wow, look at that as he pointed to the top of the Rainforest Café. To say I was floored would be an understatement.

After waiting for Jenn to arrive and then spending some time at the Irish restaurant Raglan Road, Nolin and I headed back to the hotel and let the young folks enjoy the night.  It was a little before 11 when everyone else arrived back.  Unfortunately when you have 8 people each trying to have their own conversation in a small living room area, it can get a little loud and Nolin eventually woke up.

Jenn and I each took some time letting him sleep on our shoulders until things finally started quieting down and he wasn’t as interested in being part of the party.  It was about 1:30am when Jenn and I decided we couldn’t hang with the young folks anymore and we needed to go to bed especially since we would be getting up in a few hours for work.

At about 3am Nolin must have thought it would be a great time to get the party started again.  Jenn nervous that he would wake everyone else, quickly brought him to our bed…that may not have been the best idea, but at 3am you are looking for the quick fix not necessarily the best.  Now trying to get him to simply fall asleep was out the window as we had just opened up a huge playground and stage for Nolin to perform his greatest hits:

  • I’m Sleeping: where he would announce that he was sleeping and then lay down on the bed and smile
  • Walking: where he would walk between Jenn & I and then jump on us
  • Point & Name: Even in the dark Nolin could point out Jenn & I’s noses, teeth, etc. funny though, he didn’t seem very interested in pointing out that we were trying to close our eyes.
  • Horse With No Name:  This isn’t a normal one for Nolin, but this night he thought it was funny to straddle my chest and say horsey as he jumped up and down…I kept thinking this would probably be a lot more fun at anytime other than 3am.
  • Wow…Look at that:  This was the first time Jenn heard it as he pointed at both Jenn and I and seemed to find it interesting that we were trying to sleep.

We tried getting him to fall asleep to no avail.  Finally, I realized that it was time for me to get out of bed and channel my inner early morning rock star for an Old McDonald encore performance.  It’s been a while and I may have been a little rusty (or tired), but we made our way completely through all the animals, people and objects that could have possibly been on McDonald’s farm when I noticed that Nolin was sound asleep on my shoulder…Wow, look at that I thought to myself.

3 Thoughts

  1. Update: I have been away for a few days, but Jenn told me the other night she and Nolin were walking downstairs and noticed that Toonces the cat had gotten in the house to which Nolin exclaimed “Kitty cat what you doing?”.
    He has also began saying “Mamma where’s he at?” as he would play hide & seek with Jenn. He still hasn’t really mastered the concept that hiding is more successful if people don’t know where you are.

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