Friday Night Lights

It is pretty neat watching Nolin grow up and discovering what he may be like as he becomes a little man.  His interests are all over the place right now, so it is still a bit of a mystery exactly who he will become.

He is extremely active, so I think that he will enjoy sports. He loves music and dancing (his moves are slightly better than mine at this point) so maybe he’ll pick up an instrument or two.  He loves books and apparently now capitals (randomly he knows the capitals of Russia and Florida…if Mickey sets up shop in Moscow, Nolin will be set), thus he will probably be smarter than me.

He loves to give hugs and show affection…well we will make sure that this just remains for his parents. If I can just teach him some of my sweet A Game moves (that so easily swept his mother off her feet), then we shouldn’t have to worry about him having a girlfriend, falling in love, or getting married until at least his early 30s.  Which will equate to a few less gray hairs for me.

Friday night we had a chance to further explore the sports aspect of Nolin’s interests as we took him to his first football game. The Green Waves…his Godfather’s school.

It felt like a nice fall evening, which meant it was perfect football weather.  As we were walking around the gate to get in, Nolin’s eyes quickly made their way to the field and the lights.  He was mesmerized.

We made our way to the stands and Nolin stood on my lap for easily the first 20 minutes.  Not really saying much, just watching the game.  When the crowd would cheer, Nolin would clap with excitement.  He finally started walking back and forth between all of us and his attentions also started wandering towards the cheerleaders and the band.

At half-time Nolin’s godfather gave us a quick tour of the school and then we began to make our way home.  We had one very tired boy on the way home, but it was a great evening and hopefully the beginning to many more sporting event experiences.

Exhausted after his first football game

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