Chapter 5: 550 Days of Happiness

Nolin and Benson

18 months…550 Days?! I can’t even grasp where the time has gone?

I figured with how quickly Nolin is growing up, it was a good time to start a new chapter in our story because I have a feeling (or a slight warning from his pediatrician) that things are just getting ready to become interesting.

Jenn called me on the way home from Nolin’s 18 month checkup to let me know that he measured 32.5 inches tall (50th percentile); 23 lbs (now at the 25%…he has gone down since his last visit, but this is normal because he has gotten taller), and his head circumference was 19 inches (50th percentile).

While our pediatrician was very happy with Nolin’s physical development; Nolin was not quite as enthusiastic with having blood taken for an iron deficiency test and Jenn said she has the gouge marks in her neck to prove it.  Luckily there was nothing there to be worried about either.

I am not sure if it was the moment that the nurse told Nolin “I see you brought Shamu with you today” and he replied “Orca Whale” in an attempt to correct her for not calling his precious bath toy by its formal name.  Maybe it was after that when he explained to her that he in fact had two whales, as not to make the blue whale in his other hand feel left out of the conversation.  Or it may have been the fact that Nolin wished the doctor a Happy Thanksgiving much to her surprise.

It may have been all or none of these instances, but the pediatrician indicated that he is on the upper ranges of cognitive development and currently about six months ahead of development.  This achievement could be the result of the endless supply of blue berries (unfortunately those good times may be coming to an end) from Pap Pap’s garden or maybe it is Tiger Grammy Teresa ensuring that Nolin is always eating healthy, but for many reasons we were excited to hear how well he is doing.

That excitement though may be short lived, because while the doctor indicated he is six month’s ahead, she also warned us that we could expect the terrible twos to start about six months early…I’m not so great at math, but according to my calculations that was code for any day now.

Good News is that by the time he actually turns two she felt that he would be able to communicate well enough that he would no longer throw the tantrums (that have given this stage its cringe worthy name)  and would easily adjust to becoming an easy going boy again.  I guess it is also good because  I can only imagine that this period will provide me with unlimited material to write about.

The bad news is that I think we have been spoiled with 550 days of happiness, so I only hope that as parents, we are able to adjust as easily.

Stay tuned

Nolin Loves Tractors So Much...I Can't Wait For Him To Start Mowing The Lawn
Nolin Is Growing So Fast He Is Now Wearing Pap Pap's Shoes
Nolin Getting Running Tips From Jenn at a Track Meet

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