The Wild Rover

It’s a day that comes but once a year, a day full of good spirits a green beer.

This year I wont have the chance to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with my favorite little leprechaun because he had the opportunity to take another world adventure.  Jenn’s brother is currently working in Puerto Rico and had a rental house, so with some cheap tickets Jenn, Nolin and Teresa made their way.

I am a little jealous, but I guess this makes up for Nolin & I’s guys (plus my sister) trip last spring.  It sounds like it has already been an adventure as the flight was filled with passengers singing for drinks and then once they arrived they immediately headed to the rain forest where Nolin kept commenting on how beautiful and amazing the bamboo was.

They get back on Tuesday and I can’t wait to hear all about their trip and see the pictures.  At almost twenty-two months, Nolin truly is a wild rover and adventurer.

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