I Dropped My Puerto Rico

We all thought my brother was a brave man for inviting a two-year old on vacation with him. Personally, I think he was brave for inviting his girlfriend, daughter, daughter’s friend, mother and sister. Five women, a man and a toddler could have been a disaster but it turned out to be a great trip.

Despite crazy drivers, a dead bull in the middle of the highway, wild election celebrations and a couple bad meals we had an awesome mini vacation. The people of Puerto Rico were warm and friendly and the island was beautiful with a perfect mix of city, beach and mountains. Come to think of it, all of my favorite vacation destinations have that combination.

We stayed about forty minutes outside of San Juan in a very local area. Our place was in a beautiful development on a great strip of beach. Since the elections were taking place on the island we were able to share in their hours and days of jubilation. We could hear the honking horns and music well into the night and participated in the never-ending parades when we left our place.

Nolin loved the island as well. When we returned he was looking at the map of the island and stated sadly, “I dropped my Puerto Rico” when it fell to the floor from his car seat. He came home asking to go to the beach. Unfortunately, we don’t live with the beach at our front door but we are lucky to have the opportunity to visit them occasionally.

My brother and I agreed, the only thing missing from this trip was Patrick. Don’t worry Patrick, I already have the itinerary made for our next Puerto Rico adventure. Being that Nolin is part Puerto Rican, we look forward to bringing him back when he is old enough to appreciate the wonderful culture of this beautiful island.

— Guest post written by Jenn O’Brien

After arriving in Puerto Rico we quickly met up with the rest of the gang and headed to El Yunque National Forest. Above are my niece Bre and Nolin. As we drove and hiked through the “jungle” Nolin loved pointing out the “beautiful and awesome bamboo”.

This is the observation tower looking out on El Yunque and the ocean in the distance.

The brave ones in the group made their way into the falls. Nolin and I were not one of them, but I am sure Nolin would have loved it if he were permitted to venture out there.

These pictures are from the beach where we stayed. It was a great place tucked into a very local section of the island.

Our little buddy was such a trooper and took naps on shoulders, strollers and cars. He is such a flexible and happy little guy which allows us to travel without too much stress. Nonetheless, he is happy to be back in his own crib this week!

Here is Nolin celebrating his adopted Irish heritage on St. Paddy’s Day in his biological homeland of Puerto Rico.

Enjoying Castillo San Cristóbal in Old San Juan

A beautiful view from Castillo San Felipe del Morro in Old San Juan.

Here we are walking into the forest to begin our zip line tour in El Yunque. No, Nolin was not able to join us on this adventure.

Here are a few shots from the little slice a heaven we enjoyed for a long weekend.

2 Thoughts

  1. It’s my first guest blog post ever, and I think Jenn did a great job. I really couldn’t write too much on the trip since I spent most of the time working…but I can’t wait till we can go back. Although I am not sure I would be brave enough to bring the entire crew like Rich!

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