I’ve Broken Antarctica

If our winter is any indication, this summer is going to be a hot one.  Global warming, climate change and the melting of polar ice caps are going to (or at least should) become  top stories on the nightly news.  Now just imagine if you found out that your 22 month old son was personally linked to those stories.

I am convinced that he can change the world if he wants to, but being responsible for its destruction…well that is not typically a parental resume booster to brag about.

I guess I should take a few steps back from the end of days scenario to explain…it all started when I received a text from Jenn at work the other day.  Call if u have the time.

Instantly hundreds of scenarios started playing in my mind.  Jenn wants my culinary expertise to see what we should have for dinner (probably not likely). We won the MegaMillions Jackpot (would probably warrant a phone call and not a text, so also not likely). At the complete other end of the spectrum (but seeming to be the most likely) Nolin is hurt and we are at the hospital, but I didn’t want to worry you too much (which let’s be honest, this only worries you more).

Hey is everything o.k I cautiously asked?

Without any real assurance that everything was fine, Jenn immediately began her story.  So Nolin was upstairs taking a nap and then I heard a loud crash, and I immediately ran upstairs as quickly as I could.

Heart drops.  Oh, no it has finally happened I thought, Nolin climbed out of his crib, has fallen on his head and is in the hospital. I was instantly convinced that the third scenario was correct and was really wishing it had been the lottery call instead.  I started to get prepared to dart out of the office.

When I opened the door, Jenn continued I saw Nolin standing at the edge of his crib.  He looked sad and said, “I’ve Broken Antarctica”. Jenn looked at him slightly confused until she noticed that the painting of Antarctica was now on the floor.  (As a side note when Nolin was born we decorated his room with canvas paintings by one of Jenn’s students of each of the 7 continents. Before he goes to bed each night he likes to say goodnight to the animals and the continent in each of the paintings)

Clearly distraught at this point, Nolin began to tell Jenn that the penguins were hurt.  She quickly picked up the painting and Nolin proceeded to give the penguins kisses to make them feel better.  This also comforted Nolin letting him know that both the penguins and Antarctica would in fact be ok.

My heart settled down, and after a good laugh, I realized this is going to be a difficult concept to teach.  Between Nolin dropping his Puerto Rico and breaking Antarctica we need to figure out how to teach him the concept of locations.

While we may think (and want to encourage) Nolin that he can do anything he puts his mind to, thankfully breaking one of the world’s seven continents in half and causing world destruction is probably not one of them. Now destroying our walls by adding his artistic expression with crayons…well that is another story.

For now Jenn is working with him to try to express his creativity by finger painting with pudding…it doubles as a delicious treat and is much easier to remove from the walls and tables.

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