Day Zero (Pt. 2): Double Trouble

Ok, so if June 11, 2010 (Day Zero) didn’t render enough permanent detrimental effects on Nolin’s future development, then Wednesday October 3, 2012 was my second chance to screw up.

With the sudden arrival of sweet baby Grace, there were some loose ends that both Jenn and I had to take care of and that included her going into school to tie up some loose ends before she goes out on maternity leave ergo Daddy Daycare was back in business!

To say I was nervous would be an understatement. After all it took me a full day before I even felt comfortable changing Grace’s diaper. This was strange because I felt like I slipped right into things when Nolin was born, but I may be simply reimagining history. Jenn said it is just because Grace is a girl…and I think she is right.

Luckily, I think I have quickly readapted and gotten back into the comfort zone. I am now armed with new parent rendering skills like Front to Back apparently changing a dirty diaper for a girl is not as simple as a quick wipe, dodging any secondary misfires, diaper wrap up, and toss. Yep the difference between boys and girls starts immediately.

We had the feeding arrangements worked out. I had the 11pm, 2:30am and Jenn would take the 5:30am before she left for work. Well Grace had different plans…she slept until 4am (awesome) and then woke up at 7:10am (not awesome because Jenn got out of the last feeding and I lost out on sleeping in). About 30 minutes later Nolin decided to join the party…here we go, forced insomnia now begins.

Wednesday also turned out to be a Learning Day for Grace. She was happy, but it basically meant I had a permanent attachment in my arms all day. This could have proved challenging as I would now have to send a few one handed work emails and Nolin has been actively seeking our attention since Grace came home. Whoever she is with, is Nolin’s new best friend…this time there would be no one else to shield me.

I will say I was shocked when Nolin woke up in a great mood and was extremely well behaved. Solo daddy daycare with two was proving to be significantly easier than my first go round.

I did get a slight reprieve as I dropped Grace off at Grammy and Pap Paps house for a little bit while Nolin and I went for a run.

When Jenn returned home from work, the house was clean (in relative terms meaning at least almost as clean as she left it), Grace and Nolin had all their fingers and toes and the house didn’t resemble a scene from Children of The Corn where the adults were overrun by children.

Luckily I don’t think my day alone left the kids with any lasting traumatic effects that we will need to worry about in the future. I am also hoping this story is simply a sequel and not a trilogy because…well because is all I really need to say. I mean I am not getting any younger and in the near future, they wont be getting any easier than they were this day. Let’s not tempt fate

All in all I would say it was a great day.

I get by with a little help from my friends…thanks to Pap Pap and Grammy for helping out.
This lady bug, slept through the lady bug picnic
This picture is just classic…Nolin and his buddy Bennett. Keeping the streets safe.

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