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Adventure of A Lifetime

If you line a bunch of Kindergartener’s up and ask them what they want to be when they grow up…chances are you will get a few doctors, police officers, and vets. If you add Nolin into the mix, then you will get “Mr. John The Adventure Man“!

And with that it is very easy to see that having the opportunity to walk beside Nolin as he grows up will truly be the adventure of a lifetime. Today marks a new chapter in that adventure as our little adventure man turns 6 years old! Continue reading “Adventure of A Lifetime”


I have to imagine that there is a similarity between adoptive parents and biological parents where you have a pretty good idea what you are getting into before you bring a child home and at the same time you have no freakin clue. Somewhere in between those two bookends though is where the magic happens and memories are created.

While this story is more recent and not how our year began, I am jumping ahead a little bit because it makes more sense in the moment (that is the problem with being perpetually slow on completing blog entries). Continue reading “Hair”

Finding Nolin

20131109_142738Sunday Jenn and Grace left with Pap Pap on Grace’s first international adventure…Ireland. It was complete with an overbooked flight that resulted in a late arrival, an extra day in Ireland, an awesome future credit and a trip-within-a-trip to New York.

While I was excited for them, I was also a little nervous because I knew this now meant I would be balancing the solo parenting / full time employee work life thing a little longer. If this goes bad, it could be a very long week. To be fair though, I did know that I would have some extra help from Grammy.

November is a month about being thankful (at least according to Facebook). So I am thankful that my bad hair gave me the chance to meet my wife, that adoption introduced me to two of the most amazing people I have ever met in my entire life and that I have had an opportunity to spend over a week one-on-one with Nolin (Grace, I am looking forward to our time in the near future). Continue reading “Finding Nolin”

You Were Born To Chase The Light

Grace Fion, you stole my heart. I am sure much like every daughter steals a father’s heart, but it was you who stole mine.

DSC_0065I must admit that when we decided to pursue our second adoption journey, I was scared to death. I couldn’t imagine having the capacity to find more love in my life, and I feared that it just wouldn’t be the same. What I found is that the heart simply grows…just like our family. Continue reading “You Were Born To Chase The Light”

A Few Of My Favorite Things (pt.3)

IMG_20130910_091605Grace is about to turn 1. A fact I have a hard time wrapping my head around. She continues to develop her awesome personality and it is easy to say that she has Jenn and I wrapped around her little finger. After realizing that she was here to stay, Nolin is now also a fan.

There is so much that I love about her, but as I have done a few times before with Nolin (pt.1 & pt.2), here are a few of my current favorite Grace things… Continue reading “A Few Of My Favorite Things (pt.3)”

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