Here We Go…Maybe

dsc_3782-2Having the chance for one-on-one time with either of our kids is something I thoroughly enjoy, but I have been dreading my Sunday with Nolin for a few weeks.

Not because I didn’t want to spend time with him, but because I was afraid I may fail as a parent. If I failed at this, the consequences could be pretty messy (to say the least). Yep, Sunday was Day 1 of the Potty Time Party. It was Nolin/Daddy day and I was dreading it.

dsc_3826-2Nolin woke up a little after 7am, so we talked about “how much fun” today was going to be and how today Nolin was going to take his first steps towards being a “big boy“.

We have heard several theories on how to accomplish this milestone easily (spoiler alert…if you are looking for a step by step process on how to easily & successfully potty train your child, this is not the post for you). I had a sticker chart, set my timer for every 15 minutes, cheerios in the bottom for aim, a new pair of super cool big boy truck underwear, and had rewards ready for every successful attempt.

The first three attempts were successful in the fact that Nolin was interested in his potty, but no results to show for his efforts. Finally we had a watch daddy moment and copy me. I feel like I was set up.

dsc_3770-2As soon as I started going to the bathroom, Nolin ran out of the bathroom and then shouted look I peed. And he had…all over the floor. First set of truck underwear in the laundry and second pair pulled out of reserves.

The alarm went off every 15 minutes and in tell-tale fashion seemed to remind me that I was failing at this. By 11:30 there had been no more accidents, but also nothing to show. So we decided to get this party started and begin lunch.

Nolin and I made a pact…Before you pee, ask for me. Turned out to be nothing more than a catchy jingle. Every 15 minutes we would stop lunch and try, and nothing. Then as Nolin was eating his pizza he exclaimed…I made a mess. So I came over to wipe off his face and hands.

No Daddy.

Seriously Nolin?! What about our pact and our catch phrase?

Second pair of underwear and high chair cushion in the laundry. Ninety seconds later, my 15 minute alarm went off.

dsc_3774-2Things started looking up after this. Nolin would bring his friends (Teddy Bear, Coco The Train and others to sit on an adjacent potty) and it really did have a party like atmosphere, but still no successful attempts. Then we set the process in motion…a nice tall sippy cup of milk.

And now, it just got real…we are officially on potty lockdown.

Every 15 minutes we would make an attempt. Every 10 I would ask for an update. Things are looking good.

As we played trains, laughed and we eagerly awaiting our successful toilet trip, Nolin handed me Teddy Bear. Daddy I think Teddy Bear used the potty. What?! Teddy Bear was definitely wet, but so was Nolin. Fourteen minutes and nineteen seconds had passed since our last attempt.

The third pair of fancy truck underwear were retired for the day.

dsc_3779I called Jenn…This isn’t happening today because he has to take a nap, and we still haven’t had one successful attempt plus tomorrow we will not be able to stay around the house.

I cleaned up, and reluctantly got out Nolin’s diapers. He didn’t seem to mind and I said, well I was hoping I would have been better at this and I would have helped you be on your way to being a big boy today, but that’s ok we’ll try when you are ready.

Nolin looked at me, smiled (as if to say don’t worry) and innocently explained but I’m still just a little boy.

In light of the recent events, I am forever grateful that this is the case. Plus had we continued any longer, the mess on aisle two would have been significantly less fun to clean up.


dsc_3811-3  We learned quickly that potty training is not something you really want to take pictures of, luckily our good friend Kathryn Whitworth took some pictures of Nolin goofing around when she was helping us with our Christmas Cards. She is amazing, and everyone should check her out

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